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There are two different PINs used on BT TV. Both are created when you set up your box for the first time.

There are two kinds of PIN for BT TV

  1. Payment PIN  for authorising payments
  2. Parental control PIN for keeping children safe by restricting access

You create these when you first set up your TV box.


Payment PIN help

Your payment PIN can be used to

  • Buy TNT Sports Box Office or Sky Sport Box Office events on BT TV
  • Authorise purchases from BT Player 

Reset payment PIN online >


If you've set up your BT ID you can use our help tool to reset your pin online.



Click Reset my payment pin

If not logged in, you'll be asked to log into your account

Click Reset my payment pin again

Re-enter your password for security

Enter a new PIN number

In the bottom right corner select My TV 

Click Reset my Payment Pin

Enter your password for security

Enter your new PIN number

Parental control PIN help

This PIN is for restricting access to content that isn't suitable for children. You can restict

  • particular age ratings
  • programmes shown after the watershed
  • programmes with no age rating attached

Just press the Home (or YouView) button and choose Settings > Parental Controls > Restrict Rated Programmes.

For some On Demand programmes, you may need to enter your payment PIN to confirm payment before watching. If this happens, you may not be required to enter the parental control PIN, even when parental controls are switched on. This is because we'll verify your right to play the selected programme using your payment PIN.

If you don’t know your PIN, chances are it’s just the default, which is 1234. When entering a new PIN you’ll be asked to set a security question which will be used for future PIN resets.

If you can’t remember your parental control PIN, then you'll be asked to enter the security question answer. If you can’t remember this, the only way to change the PIN is by 'Factory Resetting' the box. Find out how to factory reset here >

  1. From the Home (or YouView) button, go to Settings > Parental Controls > Change Parental Control PIN
  2. Enter your original PIN. If you’ve never set one up, this will be 1234
  3. You’ll then be able to set a new PIN

From 1st August 2020, NOW introduced a mandatory daytime PIN in order to meet government legislation around broadcasting age restricted content during daytime hours (before 21:00).

We already have a Parental PIN in use today to access age restricted content on Sky Cinema channels. The use of this PIN will be extended to Sky Documentaries, Sky Comedy and Sky Atlantic.  

The NOW TV Parental PIN is mandatory and separate from your BT Parental PIN. Learn more at the NOW TV website


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