How do I get BT Sport in HD

You can watch BT Sport in high definition on BT TV with fibre broadband or the Sky Digital Satellite Platform.

In February 2020 we introduced flexible BT TV packages where you can upgrade, downgrade and add bolt-ons. These packages are available to new customers and existing customers who choose to re-contract.

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BT TV packages with BT Sport

If you joined us for BT TV after 21 February 2020

BT Sport is available with our flexible: VIP, Big Sport or Sport packages. If you aren’t on one of these packages, you can add the BT Sport bolt-on, which works as a monthly-rolling pass.

To watch in HD you’ll need to add either our HD or HD + 4K bolt-on to your flexible package, which you can do by logging into My BT.

If you were a BT TV customer before 21 February 2020

If you are on our Max or Total Entertainment packages BT Sport HD is included. If you aren’t on one of these packages you’ll need to move to one of our new flexible plans by logging into My BT or calling us on 0800 100 400.  

Watch BT Sport on Sky

If you've got an HD subscription with Sky, this won't work with BT Sport. You'll need to add BT Sport HD to your BT Sport package.

To watch in HD, you'll need an HD-ready TV that's connected to your set top box using an HDMI cable. If you're watching on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform, you'll also need a black Sky box.

Watch BT Sport Ultimate

BT Sport Ultimate is the new name for the BT Sport 4K UHD channel, where 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos enhancements give you the best viewing experience whichever device you're using.

Depending on the device you're using, BT Sport Ultimate is available in 4K, with selected programmes in HDR or with Dolby Atmos audio.

You can watch BT Sport Ultimate on smartphones, tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, games consoles, your BT TV box and streaming devices like Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

The exact viewing experience will vary depending what you're watching and the device you're using. We'll give you the best experience whatever device you're using.

If you watch BT Sport Ultimate using the BT Sport app, it'll be coming to the enhanced player soon.

BT Sport Ultimate is free with some of our plans and available as an add-on with others. 

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