Managing your NOW TV account

As a BT TV customer you have more viewing choice than ever with NOW TV.

NOW TV passes are available as monthly rolling contracts you can add or remove at any time. Watch on your BT TV box where you can record and pause your favourite shows, as well as on smartphones, tablets or gaming consoles via the NOW TV app.

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Adding or changing your NOW TV on your BT TV package

NOW TV Passes are monthly rolling contracts, so you can add or remove them at any time by logging into My BT or calling us on 0800 800 150.

Cancelling NOW TV passes

NOW TV Passes will automatically renew each month. If you don’t want this, you cancel them via My BT or by calling us. Any changes you make will take effect at the end of the 30-day period, so once you’ve cancelled a bolt-on you’ll be able to keep watching until then. No refunds will be given.

Managing your NOW TV devices

The NOW TV app is compatible with hundreds of devices including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and games consoles. You can install the NOW TV app on multiple devices, but you can only register it on six at the same time.

You can watch two devices at the same time, this includes when you are viewing something you’ve recorded from NOW TV on your BT TV box.

Find out what devices NOW TV is installed on in My BT.

Adding or removing devices

If NOW TV is registered on the maximum number of devices, you can remove one or more via My BT .

You can make up to three changes a month.

Renaming devices

If NOW TV is installed on two similar devices - perhaps you have two smartphones of the same model - it can be confusing. To make it easier to tell the difference you can rename your devices in My BT .

If you forget your NOW TV username and password

It’s easy to reset your log-in details by heading to the NOW TV dedicated page:

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Changing your NOW TV email address

To change the email associated with your NOW TV account, you’ll need to contact NOW TV, by visiting the My Account page or using NOW TV's echat service.

Moving home

If you move home you’ll be able to continue watching NOW TV using the app on your devices. Once your broadband and BT TV is set-up, you’ll be able to watch NOW TV on your BT TV box.

Cancelling BT TV

If you cancel your BT TV package, all the NOW TV shows that are included in your plan will finish on the day your BT TV contract ends. Any NOW TV passes you have will be available to watch until your next renewal date.

Update your billing address

You can change your contact details using My BT.  

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