TV on the go with the BT TV App and online player

The BT TV App is a streaming service that allows you to watch BT TV channels on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's especially handy if you're not in front of the TV or can't agree on something to watch.

If you've got a tablet or smartphone, you can watch live TV through the app and watch your favourite On Demand shows too. If you want to watch on your computer, we have an online player you can load in your internet browser.

BT TV App Extra

With our new BT TV App Extra, you can get all of the features of the free BT TV App but you're also able to:

  • Access the BT TV App through your large screen, including Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV
  • Download and play Catch Up, On Demand, rental and buy-to-own content

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Watching live content through the BT TV app will use approximately 100Mb for every 10 minutes of streaming. If you're not on an unlimited mobile data plan, we recommend you limit how much you watch over 3G/4G, and try to use Wi-fi wherever possible.

The BT TV App is available on the following operating systems:

  • Amazon Fire TV - 4.1 and above
  • Android - 4.1 and above
  • Apple - iOS 9 and above
  • Apple TV - 4th generation and above
  • Chromecast - All versions
  • Samsung - 2015 models and above
  • Web - Safari 6.2.7 and Internet Explorer 10 and above

The BT TV App isn't supported, and won’t work, on any jailbroken or rooted devices, or on any devices running development software versions.

We review operating system support on an ongoing basis. Occasionally you might need to update your device software when we stop supporting older versions.

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