BT Smart Controls FAQs - Camera sharing

How private is the camera video?

Your events stored in the cloud and the live stream are secured by your personal username and password created by you. We also secure your account by using a PIN sent to your chosen mobile number. Our video stream is encrypted with AES-128 bit security.

It’s always good practice to set a strong password and change it frequently. It’s also good practice to set a PIN or finger print ID to access your mobile phone.

How secure is my camera?

Our cameras/baby monitors do not have a default password. The user account is set up through an app which uses bank-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication. Customers should obviously choose a strong password when setting up their accounts. We ensure this by enforcing passwords to be 8-16 characters, a mixture of lower and upper case, numbers and special characters.

BT releases regular software updates and patches therefore customers should always accept firmware upgrades. Customers can ensure the firmware is up to date by checking in the app (Camera Settings > Details > Firmware Version) .

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