The BT TV experience is better than ever

Pause, rewind and record up to 300 hours on our award-winning box.

Finding your favourite shows is easy using the on-screen TV guide.

Everything – including your apps – is in one place. One remote, one box, one bill.

Switching to us is easy

1. Pick a package

Choose one of our flexible TV and broadband packages. We’ll give you a switching date, usually within two weeks.

2. Say bye

Contact your current provider, cancel your services and get ready for blockbuster entertainment.

3. Get connected

Simply connect your Smart Hub and 4K recordable box yourself, or get one of our Home Tech Experts to do it all for you. Done.

Frequently asked questions

With five new flexible packages and your pick of monthly add-ons, BT TV lets you put together your perfect TV line-up. And here’s the best bit – you can change your package every month, so you only pay for the things you actually want. Football season finished? Turn off. New show starting? Turn on.

Flexible TV packages are packs of channels that we have curated for sports fans, drama addicts, movie buffs – and people who want it all. They’re flexible because you can change to another one every 30 days during your 24 month contract. We have five flexible TV packages to pick from: Sport, Big Sport, Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP. 

As well as being able to flex your TV package every 30 days, you can also add and remove even more great content on a month by month basis – we’re calling these channels, or packs of channels, “add-ons”.

Our add-ons include the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass, BT TV Kids and the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass, as well as other providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The HD add-on is available to all of our customers, not just those who’ve bought the VIP package. Simply select our HD add-on to unlock and watch any HD channel that is a part of your overall package in stunning picture quality.

Yes. New BT TV brings you the best of Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports, Sky One, Sky Cinema and more from NOW TV. Add that to BT Sport, AMC, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all your Freeview channels, and you can finally have it all in one place. 

There are two ways to watch your favourite channels in HD on BT TV:

  1.     Add our HD add-on to watch any HD channel that is a part of your package in stunning picture quality. You can choose to switch HD on and off on a month by     month basis.
  2.     By choosing the VIP package. VIP includes full HD channels from NOW TV including Sky Sports HD and Sky Atlantic HD, plus HD channels from BT such as BT Sport HD     and access to our designated 4K UHD channel, BT Sport Ultimate.

BT TV prices start at just £12 a month (for Entertainment) plus the price of whichever broadband option you decide on. Big Entertainment costs £22 per month, Sport costs £15 per month, Big Sport costs £40 per month and VIP costs £65 per month. All TV packages need to be bundled in with a broadband package and we have a range of different offerings available. 

If you add an extra TV box you can watch a different channel in a different room, but at the same time. The extra box costs just £5 and you add it to your order as you buy BT TV.

To set up BT TV you’ll need these three things: a BT TV box, a BT Hub (with working broadband) and a rooftop aerial. If you already have a Hub and a TV aerial, then we’ll post you a TV box along with any essential equipment and you can set this up by yourself. If you would prefer an engineer to come out and set things up for you then you can arrange that when you’re in the process of buying BT TV.

BT TV boasts a bigger and better channel selection than before thanks to a new partnership with NOW TV. Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic, Sky One and Sky Comedy are just some of the channels now included in our packages. On top of that, there is the full suite of BT Sport channels which includes BT Sport Ultimate (our dedicated Ultra High Definition sport channel. Finally, every single package includes exclusive BT-only access to American network AMC, the original home to hit shows like Fear the Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.