Ruiz JR v Joshua 2

Sky Sports Box Office

Buy and watch all of the biggest events from Sky Sports Box Office on your BT TV set top box, channel 496.

Sky Sports Box Office on BT TV FAQs

You can order by either going to channel 496 (Sky Sports Box Office HD) on your TV guide or via the BT Player, accessed through your remote control

 NOTE: You can only buy or watch Sky Sports Box Office events from BT on your BT TV box, not online or over the phone.

The Sky Sports Box Office event will be added to your next BT bill.

Take a look at our instructions on how to reset your payment PIN.

Yes, you can, but for Premier League games your recording will only be available for an hour after the match finishes.

For non-Premier League events, you will be normally be able to view it for seven days after the initial showing of the event. You will be told how long the recording will be available for when you buy the event.

If you have an extra BT TV box you can watch the Event on either or both of your boxes and only be charged once.

You can cancel on your BT TV box up to half an hour before the start time of the scheduled event.

To do this go to the BT Player, select the event and click “Cancel” and then confirm your cancellation.

Using your BT TV remote control, go to BT Player and then scroll to My Zone. If you’ve bought an event it will be shown under My Rentals.