HDR (High Dynamic Range) with BT Sport Ultimate

You can watch selected programmes in 4K and selected events in 4K HDR on BT Sport Ultimate using a smartphone, tablet, BT TV Box Pro, Samsung Smart TV and games console, as well as streaming using Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) benefits

While 4K TV is about adding more pixels, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is about creating better, more dynamic-looking pixels. It does that by offering higher contrasts between light and dark, more vivid colours and brighter images on screen.

TVs with HDR can display a wider range of colours from black to white, so you can see more details in the very darkest and brightest areas of the picture.

HDR: High Dynamic Range TV standard that allows screens to give you improved contrast, more accurate colours and more vivid pictures than regular sets. HDR can be offered on both HD and 4K resolutions.

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