BT Sport, alongside UEFA, have deployed a pioneering new cloud-based approach to live broadcasting which has the potential to cut the carbon footprint of sports broadcasts and enhance content innovation possibilities.

Supporting their Football Sustainability Strategy 2030, UEFA entrusted BT Sport to produce a UEFA club competition match this week, the UEFA League clash between Tottenham and Sporting Lisbon, in the cloud with a significantly reduced on-site presence.


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It was not solely a closed trial, but the feed broadcast live to BT Sport customers and the world feed sent to other UEFA Media Partners as the outside broadcast set up, showcasing the reliability of the approach. 

The method showcases the future roadmap for live football production options where so many crew are physically disconnected from the event and further underlines that the sustainability footprints of cloud productions are significantly smaller than for comparative outside broadcasts.

The trial also underscores the potential for cloud and remote approaches to free up resource to enable broadcasters to focus on content innovation and enhanced workforce diversity.

The UEFA League clash between Tottenham and Sporting Lisbon was produced with a significantly reduced on-site presence

For example, remote production in the 2019-20 season around the National League enabled the BT Sport to air TV highlights on Saturday evenings, making a highlights show for this class of rights viable for the first time, which raised the league’s profile.

BT Sport continues with its ambition to become one of the greenest broadcasters in the UK. Its live Premier League, Champions League and Premiership Rugby broadcasts are BAFTA Albert certified productions, meaning they meet some of the highest sustainability standards.