The disruptive effects of climate change have become increasingly visible around the world in recent years, from record-breaking temperature extremes to floods, forest fires and droughts.

As part of BT’s ongoing effort to become a net zero carbon business by 2045, BT Sport has been Albert certified for its UEFA Champions League coverage.

BT Sport’s live Premier League broadcasts have been three-star BAFTA Albert certified productions since last season - meaning they meet some of the highest sustainability standards globally. Its Premiership Rugby coverage is also Albert certified.

BT Sport is aiming to produce live football, rugby, boxing and documentaries to meet the same standards over 2022 - totalling more than 700 live productions and events.

At BT Sport, we recognise the only way to tackle this issue is through collective action.

We are all in this together.

That’s why we are committed to transforming our practises and embracing new ways of working so that we can become a much greener broadcast partner to our colleagues and industry peers while collaborating with our audiences to raise awareness of the climate emergency.

In order to help us get there, we will continue to follow the six ‘Rs’ as part of our Green Routine.


We’re working to shrink our carbon footprint and minimise waste across the business by taking steps like changing to an sustainable energy provider, switching to energy-saving lightbulbs, phasing out single use plastics, encouraging the use of reusable water flasks and coffee cups, and offering meat-free meals, smaller portions and greener options in our canteens.



The pandemic helped accelerate innovations in remote working and broadcasting. We want to make use of those lessons learned by making permanent changes to our in-house productions, reducing the amount of people needed on site to save unnecessary travel. Where travel is necessary, we will switch to greener bio-fuels to power our broadcasts.



We want to speak to, you, our audience to explain how we’re continuing to evolve in pursuit of our eco-goals. We want to educate and inspire you to join us on this journey. We’re not perfect but we pledge to make sustainability a key pillar in all future considerations for the business. We will localise the issue of climate change on sport, engaging and enabling our audiences to learn more and take positive steps towards a brighter future.



We will strive to become more conscientious consumers of the resources we use, recycling the materials we do use in a responsible manner.



Wherever we can, we will try to ensure that harmful practises and materials are removed from our production workflows. This means taking steps to eradicate single-use plastics, using greener energy providers and constantly analysing our ways of working.



Progress towards our goals will be consistently monitored. We will work with our partners and suppliers to set sustainability targets, holding ourselves and our colleagues to account in order to meet them. We’re also investing in training for our teams, both on-air and behind the scenes, to help foster a new eco-conscious environment around the business.


At BT Sport, we believe that by raising the issues that confront our planet, we can encourage everybody to act.

We only have one planet. The responsibility falls on all of us to look after it.

Find out more about BT Sport's Green Routine here.