Brassic season 2: From Michelle Keegan to Joe Gilgun - meet the cast and characters in Sky One’s smash hit comedy drama

Wondering where you’ve seen the cast of Brassic on NOW TV before? From Preacher to Our Girl - here’s where you might recognise them from...

By Sophia Moir Published: 15 May 2020 - 4.25pm
Sky UK Brassic S2 key art

All episodes of Brassic season 2 are streaming now on Sky One with NOW TV

The Brassic gang is back in business.

Written by Danny Brocklehurst (Safe, The Stranger), the comedy drama about a group of working-class mates finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia returns to our screens after a record-breaking first series launch. 

Veering between hilarious comedy and heartfelt emotion, Brassic season 2 reunites the show’s stellar actors including Michelle Keegan, Joseph ‘Joe’ Gilgun and Damien Molony.

Here, we reveal the cast and characters of Brassic on Sky One with NOW TV and where you might have seen them before...

Joseph ‘Joe’ Gilgun plays Vinnie

Brassic Vinnie Sky UK

Vinnie is a Lancashire lad with bipolar disorder, and the leader of the Brassic gang. At the start of series 2, we discover that Vinnie's been hiding out in the gang’s weed shed since faking his own death to escape from local gangster Terrance McCann. 

Vinnie's bipolar is based on Joe Gilgun, who lives with it himself. Speaking about why he feels it's important to show his true self through Vinnie, Joe says: "I just thought, 'If I’m going to do this, I want to be honest and real about who I am'. I don’t get to go home at the end of a day and get to turn off. I am me, I’m genuinely bipolar.”

Speaking about the mental health storylines in series 1, the show's writer Danny Brocklehurst told “We were slightly nervous about that, especially for Joe in particular, having bipolar himself, he felt a great responsibility. We were super careful to only put things out there that he could back up in his own life.”

You may recognise Gilgun from playing Cassidy in AMC's Preacher, Rudy Wade in Misfits and Eli Dingle in Emmerdale. He also played Woody in This Is England - and the film's follow-ups - and Mike in Pride. 

Michelle Keegan - Erin

Brassic Erin Sky UK

Erin is a motivated single mum who wants to leave the town of Hawley for a better life for her son, Tyler. In series 1, she was the girlfriend of Dylan (Damien Molony), but that’s hanging in the balance by the end of the series. And if Erin was trying to move away from the lads in series 1, she’s often at the heart of the scams in series 2! 

Explaining Erin's change of heart, Michelle Keegan says: “Unfortunately we’ll discover she failed her exams and she has to re-sit them, so instead of giving that her full concentration, she’s distracted because she has to make a living. So she’s started working closer with the gang.”

Erin is also the victim of an assault this series. Speaking about the decision to give Erin a bigger part, the show's writer Danny Brocklehurst told “I wanted to bring her a little bit more to the centre... it just felt right for that character to become more involved. It felt like we wanted her to have a particular arc in series 2. So when you’re thinking about how the arc’s going to develop, certain ideas come to the fore, and this [assault] idea leapt forward.”

Michelle Keegan is well known for her long-running role as Tina McIntyre in ITV soap Coronation Street, as well as Georgie Lane in BBC One's Our Girl. She's also appeared in Ordinary Lies, Tina and Bobby, and Drunk History: UK. 

Damien Molony - Dylan

Brassic Dylan Sky UK

Dylan is Vinnie’s razor-smart best mate and Erin’s former boyfriend. At the start of series 2, he’s turned his back on the gang - and Erin.

Speaking about why Dylan’s decided to go cold turkey on his former life, Damien Molony says: "He wants to prove Erin wrong, and that means going to college and learning a trade, becoming a responsible adult… and in a way, become the man that Erin wants him to be.”

Irish actor Damien Molony most recently played Tyler in BBC drama The Split, and has previously appeared in TV series including Suspects (as DS Jack Weston), Crashing (as Anthony), Ripper Street (as Det. Con. DC Albert Flight) and Being Human (as Hal). 

Tom Hanson - Cardi

Brassic Cardi Sky UK

Cardi is a champion kebab eater and total liability for the gang. In series 2, Cardi's slimmed down and has grown up a bit, as he's now in a relationship with Carol (Bronagh Gallagher). Of the new mature Cardi, Tom Hanson says: "I tried to bring some kind of maturity to him, but he’s still an idiot, you know, he’s still knocking shit over, and f*cking things up, all that sort of stuff."

Tom Hanson has previously appeared in TV dramas including The Little Drummer Girl (as Paulie), The Tunnel (as Blake Jenkins) and The Moorside (as Craig Meehan). He also starred as a British Military Officer in the 2017 film, Murder on the Orient Express.

Aaron Heffernan - Ash

Brassic Ash Sky UK

Ash is the gay son of a family of fighting Travellers. In series 2, Ash has more responsibility in the gang. Aaron Heffernan says: "He becomes a bit more prominent in the actual operations of things with the gang, as opposed to just the physical enforcer he was in the last series."

Aaron Heffernan played Detective Gavin in TV series Love/Hate, Ryan in Mum and Ash in Fox's War of the Worlds. The Irish actor also played the role of an Imperial Mudtrooper in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Ryan Sampson - Tommo

Brassic Tommo Sky UK

Tommo is the most sexually liberated man of the group, and doesn’t care what people think about him. At the start of series 2, Tommo has a chance to buy the local strip joint, The Rat & Cutter. He’s very focused on his new business venture and has become obsessed with sourcing erotic furniture to kit out the strip club. Ryan Sampson explains: "The idea is that the strip club is going to become a very classy establishment. He sees himself as Manchester’s version of Hugh Hefner, he wants his club to be a Playboy mansion."

You might recognise Ryan Sampson from previous TV roles including Grumio in Plebs, Boz in The Frankenstein Chronicles, and Stepan in Undercover. He's also appeared in The Crown and Doctor Who.

Parth Thakerar - JJ

Brassic JJ Sky UK

JJ is a sharp entrepreneur who runs a garage (with a lucrative sideline in stolen cars). Despite being a somewhat reluctant member of the gang, JJ's still very much involved in their escapades in series 2. Parth Thakerar explains: "There are quite a few car chases this time and let me tell you, JJ is not happy because first and foremost, they’re in his cars, and they’re completely unsolicited, and they’re being driven by absolute maniacs! So he’s always there, just thinking to himself, ‘Why the f*ck have I given you this car again, and why am I sat in it?’"

It's been a busy year for Parth Thakerar, who as well as starring in Brassic has appeared in Sky Atlantic's Gangs of London, as Nasir Afridi. You may also recognise the actor from stage roles including The Hard Problem and Macbeth.

Bronagh Gallagher - Carol

Brassic Carol Sky UK

Carol is a fellow Traveller, and love interest of Cardi (Tom Hanson). In series 2, Carol and Cardi are in a proper relationship.

Speaking about the couple’s dynamic, Bronagh says: “They love each other and he’s gone out of his way to understand her wild ways and she’s accepted into the troop now. She’s very much the one that wears the trousers. He’s a big softy.”

Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish-born singer and actress, who's appeared in films including The Commitments, Pulp Fiction, Sherlock Holmes and Tristan + Isolde. Most recently, she played Speer in ITV's period drama, Belgravia.

Joanna Higson - Sugar

Brassic Sugar Sky UK

Sugar is only seen briefly in series 1, but she’s a new member of the gang in series 2 after moving in with Erin (Michelle Keegan). Of Sugar’s role in the gang, Joanna Higson explains: "She’s well up for getting into trouble and I think she is kind of just a product of her environment. That’s what she knows, that’s what she’s always known. But at the heart of it, she’s a really loyal, nice person."

Joanna Higson is a TV actress and photographer. She's starred in shows including Shameless, WPC 56, Holby City and Doctors.

Dominic West - Dr Chris Cox

Brassic Dr Chris Sky UK

Dr Chris Cox is Vinnie’s blundering GP. He’s played by Golden Globe-nominated actor Dominic West, who’s appeared in acclaimed TV dramas including The Wire, The Hour, and The Affair, as well as Hollywood films including Chicago and 300. You might also recognise him from playing Jean Valjean in the BBC TV mini-series Les Misérables.

John Thomson - Mr Popov 

Brassic Mr Popov Sky UK

Mr Popov is a new character for series 2. Speaking about casting the character, Brocklehurst told us: "I did write Popov the clown hoping that John Thompson would do it, and he did, so that’s pretty brilliant."

John Thomson is one of the UK's finest comedic actors, best known for his roles in The Fast Show, Men Behaving Badly and Cold Feet. 

Anthony Welsh - Jake

Brassic Jake Sky UK


Jake is a classmate of Erin’s at college, and her love interest. He’s played by Anthony Welsh, who most recently appeared as Aloysius 'Lucky' Gordon in The Trial of Christine Keeler. Welsh has also appeared in TV shows including Pure, Black Mirror, Fleabag and Hanna, and films including The Personal History of David Copperfield and The Girl with All the Gifts.

Jude Riordan - Tyler

Brassic Tyler Sky UK

Tyler is Erin’s son. He’s played by child actor Jude Riordan, who was first seen on TV in Channel 4's The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds, before landing his first acting role in CBBC's Katy.

Bill Paterson 

Bill Paterson joins the cast for series 2, but little is known about his character at the moment. We do know that he's called Tony, and works for Terence McCann (Ramon Tikaram).

The veteran Scottish actor has appeared in films including Miss Potter, The Witches and How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. Fleabag fans might recognise him from playing the dad on the show.

Brassic seasons 1 & 2 Box Sets are streaming on Sky One with NOW TV.

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