Breeders explores the paradox that every parent knows but never admits: you would willingly die for your children, but quite often you also want to kill them.

What is Breeders about?

Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) stars alongside Daisy Haggard (Back to Life) in a new comedy exploring the trials of being parents.

Paul (Freeman) and Ally (Haggard) are busy parents trying to juggle their careers, mortgage, aging parents and, of course, their two children. 

When Ally’s estranged father turns up, the couple essentially have another child to deal with, although this one comes with extra baggage.

As well as appearing in Breeders, Martin Freeman wrote the 10-part series with Simon Blackwell (Peep Show) and Chris Addison (Veep).

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Who is in it?

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard star as parents Paul and Ally.

New Tricks star Alun Armstrong plays Paul’s dad, while Michael McKean (Grace and Frankie) appears as Ally’s father.

The Office’s Patrick Baladi will appear as Darren, who can be seen lending an ear to Ally in the trailer for the show. 

When is it available to watch?

Watch Breeders on Sky One with NOW  TV from Thursday 12th March.

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