*Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dreamland series 1*

If you haven’t already checked out Lily Allen’s debut TV series Dreamland, what are you waiting for?

A mixture of Margate sunshine and dark family drama, the Sky Atlantic comedy series is a must-watch this Spring.

Viewers who have binged all six episodes of series 1 are already desperate to know whether the show will be returning.

Series 1 concluded with a heartbreaking revelation that threatened to ruin the bond between sisters Trish, Mel, Clare and Leila.

There is a huge amount of storyline potential in exploring the fractured family if Sky confirms a series 2.

What happened in the Dreamland series 1 ending?

Freema Agyeman as Trish and Lily Allen as Mel on the beach in Dreamland

Series 1 followed the stories of sisters Trish (Freema Agyeman), Mel (Lily Allen), Clare (Gabby Best), Leila (Aimee-Ffion Edwards).

Trish and Mel are both expecting babies during the series, Trish with her long-term partner Spence (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) and Mel with a mystery lover in France.

However, Mel’s pregnancy isn’t the only secret she’s hiding from her family when she returns home to Margate from France. We later discover that her baby is the result of a drunken, drug-filled one-night-stand with Spence.

In the episode 6 finale, after Trish and Spence have just signed the deeds and moved into their new home, Mel finally cracks and reveals the shocking truth about her baby’s father.

At the end of the episode, Mel is on her own in tears after betraying her sister, Spence is thrown out of the family home and a furious Trish is left in her home with only Leila to comfort her.

Clare is also thrown under the bus by Spence and Mel, because she discovers their secret earlier in the series but doesn’t tell Trish.

Will there be a Dreamland series 2?

Gabby Best, Aimee-Ffion Edwards , Lily Allen and Freema Agyeman as four sisters in Dreamland

A series 2 hasn’t been confirmed… yet.

Dreamland reviews from critics have been positive and fans are already calling for a second series on social media.

Dreamland review - A perfect Bank Holiday binge

We’d love a second series to further explore Mel and Trish’s story after their babies are born and watch how they manage the unusual dynamic of having Spence be the father to both children.

We’d also love to see more of France Barber’s mum and her on-off romance with Diane (Martina Laird) and the blossoming relationship between Leila and Margate outsider Dom (Hugh Coles).

Talking about series 2, star and writer Gabby Best said she’d like to delve deeper into her character Clare if the show returns.

“There’s a degree to which Claire is using these [sisterly] duties as an excuse to avoid looking at her own life,” she said.

“I think we’d explore that much more in season 2, if we get one…”

Dreamland series 2 cast

Sheila Reid as Nan in Dreamland

Dreamland cast: Meet the stars of the Sky comedy

Hopefully the full series 1 cast are all available to return to continue telling the story of multi-generational female relationships.

All the sisters in the show have different absent fathers, who could be brought into future series. Gabby, who plays Clare and is one of the writers on the show, said that Brian Conley or Paul Whitehouse would be her dream casting to play her dad.

The Dreamland series 1 cast is below:

  • Freeman Agyeman – Plays Trish
  • Lily Allen – Plays Mel
  • Kiell Smith-Byno – Plays Spence
  • Gabby Best – Plays Clare
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwards – Plays Leila
  • Frances Barber – Plays Mum
  • Sheila Reid – Plays Nan
  • Samantha Bond - Plays Orla
  • Hugh Coles - Plays Dom
  • Martina Laird -Plays Diane
  • Alistair Green - Plays the Mayor
  • Nigel Planer - Plays Hamish

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