Ten Percent: The cast of Prime Video's Call My Agent remake reveal their own awkward celebrity moments

Stars of Prime Video comedy Ten Percent - Lydia Leonard, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Rebecca Humphries and Harry Trevaldwyn - reveal their most embarrassing showbiz disasters.

By Alex Fletcher Updated: 28 April 2022 - 11.31am

Ten Percent is the new hilarious comedy series on Prime Video from writer John Morton, the creator of spoof documentaries Twenty Twelve and W1A.

Inspired by the smash hit French series Call My Agent!, Ten Percent mixes the classic British awkwardness that Morton’s TV shows are known for with the world of a celebrity talent agency.

The lead cast includes Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard, Parsanna Puwanarajah, Hiftu Quasem, Maggie Steed and Harry Trevaldwyn. And the series also has an incredible lineup of guest stars playing comic versions of themselves as clients at the agency, including Emma Corrin, Himesh Patel, David Harewood, Clemency Poesy, Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West.

Hit play above and watch the cast of Ten Percent reveal their own most awkward and embarrassing showbiz moments.

It turns out that the reality of life as actor isn't too far away from the cringeworthy moments that occur for the celebrities in Ten Percent.

The King star Harry Trevaldwyn, who plays Ollie Rogers, reveals how he was forced to improvise a unique special skill during an acting audition that failed to impress the casting team.

Prasanna Puwanarajah (Doctor Foster, Critical), who plays Dan Bala in Ten Percent, explains how he was mistaken for another actor in a BAFTA speech – and on one occasion was even mistaken for someone else by his own mum.

Rebecca Humphries (Trigonometry), Maggie Steed (Fisherman’s Friends), Hiftu Quasem (Killing Eve) and Lydia Leonard (Gentleman Jack) also admit to some of the fibs they’ve told on their acting CVs, their most brutal audition snubs and a moment where overselling their skills lead to an awkward moment in a car driving scene.

"It's a daily humiliation being an actor," said Leonard, who stars as Rebecca Fox in the series.

Ten Percent streams all episodes on Prime Video now.