Upload: The Office meets The Good Place in Amazon Prime Video’s sci-fi comedy

Greg Daniels, the writer of The Office and Parks and Recreation, returns with a new sitcom that has been over a decade in the making.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 24 March 2020 - 5.10pm
Amazon Prime Video Upload on Amazon Prime Video

From writing for The Simpsons and King of the Hill to creating two of the greatest sitcoms of all time – the American version of The Office and Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation – Greg Daniels is a sure-fire guarantee of greatness when it comes to TV comedy.

That is why when we heard he was releasing a new sci-fi comedy on Amazon Prime Video, we got very excited.

Upload is a series that Daniels has been working on since The Office ended and in fact, he claims that he had the original concept long before that when he was working for Saturday Night Live in the 1980s.

Blending Daniels’ classic character comedy style with a new sci-fi twist, the series is about a not-so-distant future where humans can upload themselves to a virtual afterlife when they are close to death.

When is Upload released?

The 10-episode series is released on May 1.

The series follows a young app developer, Nathan Brown, who winds up in the hospital following a self-driving car accident, needing to quickly decide his fate.  After a rushed deliberation with his shallow girlfriend Ingrid he chooses to be uploaded to her family’s luxurious virtual afterlife, the Horizon company’s 'Lakeview'.

Once uploaded in Lakeview, Nathan meets his customer service ‘Angel’ Nora Anthony, who at first is his charismatic concierge and guide, but quickly becomes his friend and confidante, helping him navigate this new digital extension of life. 

Where can I watch Upload?

Amazon Prime Video

Every episode will be available to binge on Amazon Prime Video.

Who are the Upload cast?

Amazon Prime Video

Robbie Amell will play the lead Nathan Brown. Robbie is best known for his roles in TV series The Tomorrow People, The Flash, Revenge and The DUFF.

Allegra Edwards is cast as his shallow girlfriend Ingrid. Allegra has previously made appearances in Orange is the New Black, Friends from College and Modern Family.

Andy Allo plays the charismatic concierge and guide on the customer service ‘Angel’. Andy is a singer-songwriter and actress who has released three albums and starred the hit film Pitch Perfect 3.

What is Upload about?

Amazon Prime Video

Greg Daniels has previewed the series with a letter, telling fans that he hopes the show will provide an “entertaining diversion” in an era of “social isolation”.

“You may be wondering what I’ve been doing since The Office wrapped,” he said.

“Well, this is it… I pitched it as a book in 2008 and have been working on it as a streaming series for the last six years. Prolific, I am not.”

“Upload is a mix of sci-fi, mystery, romance and comedy genres, with a new cast that I’m excited for people to get to know. Set in the near future, the show has satire about income equality and environmental degradation, loss of privacy and our powerlessness before big tech companies, but it’s essentially a character comedy about science and love attempting to beat death.”

He added: “I did a ton of research about what inventions and problems are coming down the pike, and aspects of the show that were more ‘out-there’ keep coming true.

“One day I expect we really will be able to upload into a vitual existence, and then we can enjoy banner ads and pop-ups forever and ever.”

Watch the Upload trailer…

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