You may not think you’re familiar with Neil Cross, but you certainly will be with his work – some of TV’s greatest suspense dramas are based on his writing.

Now, the Luther and Spooks creator is back with a bold new series for ITV, Because the Night, inspired by what he calls his favourite story.

We’re intrigued…

When is Because the Night on TV?

ITV has only just announced that they’ll be airing Because the Night, so unfortunately the series looks some way off yet.

In fact, there hasn’t even been a casting announcement yet, so we’d take a stab at 2020 for this one.

What is it about?

Anyone who’s read the Neil Cross novel Burial will already know the story of Because the Night, as it’s based on the book.

It’s a creeping, suspenseful tale about the well-meaning but directionless Nathan and the previous life he’s tried so hard to leave behind. 


Nathan has buried a terrible secret that for years he’s been trying to do penance for, but he’s praying it will never be unearthed.

Then, 10 years into his new life as a dedicated husband, Nathan finds Bob on his doorstep – an unwelcome face from the past who has shocking news which triggers a series of catastrophic decisions.

In a four-part story of murder and ghosts, expect psychological suspense, love, and the possibility of redemption.

Neil said: “I’m truly excited to be working with ITV to make Because the Night. It’s one of my favourite stories: a tale of psychological suspense, of guilt and ghosts and murder. Oh, and love. Always love. 

“Our job is to make viewers want to sleep with the lights on. We're looking forward to it.” 


What else has Neil Cross written?

As well as the novel Burial which Because the Night is based on, Neil also has some huge screenwriting hits to his name.

His most famous creations are the Idris Elba detective drama Luther, and the British spy series Spooks.

Neil is also the man behind the recent futuristic police drama Hard Sun, and the horror film Mama which was produced by Guillermo del Toro.