Beyond Paradise: Cast, release date and everything you need to know about the Kris Marshall spinoff series

Death In Paradise spinoff Beyond Paradise starring Kris Marshall is coming in February – find out the release date and see the full cast list, including special guests, for the mystery series.

By Alex Fletcher Updated: 22 February 2023 - 10.52am

Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman is coming back to BBC One in new murder mystery spinoff series Beyond Paradise.

Humphrey exited smash-hit Death in Paradise in 2017 will an emotional will-they-won’t-they romance storyline with fiancée Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton).

The couple departed the paraside island of Saint Marie and headed to London after declaring their love for each other. Beyond Paradise picks up their story in Martha’s beautiful hometown of Shipton Abbott on the Devonshire coast.

DI Humphrey has joined the local police force, Martha is running a restaurant and fans can expect the usual Paradise mix of mysteries, murders and head-scratching cases to crack.

Here is everything you need to know about Beyond Paradise…

Beyond Paradise cast

Kris Marshall – Plays DI Humphrey Goodman

Kris Marshall as Humphrey Goodman in Beyond Paradise BBC

"We find Humphrey and Martha having just relocated from London down to Devon in the southwest of England and trying to find their way with their new life. Having moved in with his mother-in-law, there are certain challenges," said Marshall.

"Wherever he goes, he leaves a sort of mini tidal wave of madness behind him and he's causing that tidal wave to ripple through the village of Shipton Abbott."

Where have you seen him before?

Kris Marshall is best known for playing Nick Harper in BBC sitcom My Family and Colin Frissell in the classic Christmas film Love Actually.

He's also starred in Sanditon, Easy Virtue, Iris and previously played DI Humphrey Goodman for four series of Death in Paradise.

Sally Bretton – Plays Martha Lloyd

Sally Bretton as Martha in Beyond Paradise BBC

"Since Martha and Humphrey left Saint Marie - obviously we had that lovely romantic reunion - but she went back to run a restaurant in central London, which would have been quite a step up for her at the time," explains Bretton.

"That would have been intense and then Humphrey joined the Metropolitan Police. I imagine that was very frantic and fast-paced, but also very exciting because they got engaged and they're together - they love each other very much.

"When Martha loses her dad, it's a moment of reflection, a chance to pause and to reassess what she wants and how she wants her life to be. That's why they decide to move away from London and go for a slower pace of life and follow a dream.

"They've landed and all these things need to happen; where will they live? Will they have the finances? You're right at the beginning of the journey with them."

Where have you seen her before?

Sally Bretton is best known for play Lee Mack's long-suffering girlfriend Lucy in Not Going Out.

Her other screen roles include Green Wing, How Not To Live Your Life, The Office and playing Martha Lloyd in Death in Paradise.

Zahra Ahmadi – Plays DS Esther Williams

Zahra Ahmadi as DS Esther Williams in Beyond Paradise BBC

"DS Esther Williams is a single parent who had her child at 17. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy, but she and her daughter are like best friends and Esther always makes sure she has done right by her - working and taking care of her at the same time," reveals Zahra.

"She found the police force later in life; it took her a few jobs to get to this point, but she loves it. It’s her passion, she’s really good at what she does and has finally found her place now."

Where have you seen her before?

Zahra Ahmadi found fame playing Shabnam Masood in EastEnders in 2007.

Her TV credits also include The Bay, The Beast Must Die, Marcella and Count Arthur Strong.

Dylan Llewellyn – Plays PC Kelby Hartford

Dylan Llewellyn as PC Kelby Hartford BBC

"PC Kelby Hartford is a local lad who grew up in Shipton Abbott, a close-knit community where everybody knows everyone. Which means a lot of criminals they catch, he knows," explains Dylan.

"He's a good lad with good drive and wants to get the job done. When it comes to his police work, he’s determined but can sometimes be naïve. He’s got golden retriever energy.

"Kelby is a people pleaser, but at times can be quite slow. He is an endearing, kind-hearted ‘Jack the lad’, which I think makes him a very good police officer."

Where have you seen him before?

Dylan Llewellyn is best known for starring in the hit Channel 4 sitcoms Derry Girls and Big Boys.

He's also starred in Disney+ series Pistol, Call the Midwife and Hollyoaks.

Felicity Montagu – Plays Margo Martins

Felicity Montagu as Margo Martins BBC

Margo may have office support in her job title, but before Humphrey arrives she runs the place and everyone knows that.

"On the surface, she's very tough on everyone and she doesn't really want to give much away about herself," said Felicity.

"Underneath it all, I think she lives for them. She has a very interesting life and nobody quite knows what Margo gets up to but she's very fond of them all in her own way.

"I think she would probably go to the ends of the earth for them. It's quite heart rending because she hasn't got a massive family homelife, this is her job and she's very, very proud to be there.

"Although she does have a great social life. I don’t think she would show the team, but she's very loyal to them. She's a very loyal animal."

Where have you seen her before?

Felicity Montagu is best known for playing Alan Partridge's long-sufering PA Lynn in the I'm Alan Partridge series.

Her TV CV also includes The Victoria Wood Show, Brassic, Sally4Ever, The Durrells and The End of the F***ing World.

Beyond Paradise full cast list

The main cast of Beyond Paradise - Dylan Llewellyn, Zahra Ahmadi, Kris Marshall, Sally Bretton and Felicity Montagu BBC
  • Kris Marshall – Plays DI Humphrey Goodman
  • Sally Bretton – Plays Martha Lloyd
  • Zahra Ahmadi – Plays DS Esther Williams
  • Dylan Llewellyn – Plays PC Kelby Hartford
  • Felicity Montagu – Plays Margo Martins
  • Barbara Flynn - Plays Anne Lloyd
  • Jamie Bamber - Plays TBC
Jamie Bamber in Death in Paradise BBC

Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton (best known for playing Lucy in the sitcom Not Going Out) reprise their roles from Death in Paradise and they will be joined by some familiar faces in the Shipton Abbott police force.

Former EastEnders star Zahra Ahmadi, who played Shabnam Masood in the BBC soap, will play DS Esther Williams. Ahmadi has also starred in Berlin Station, Black Mirror and Count Arthur Strong.

Derry Girls and Big Boys star Dylan Llewellyn plays PC Kelby Hartford and comedy legend Felicity Montagu, best known for playing Alan Partridge’s long-suffering PA Lynn, plays Margo Martins.

Law and Order UK star Jamie Bamber, pictured above, will play a character from Martha’s past who looks like he’s here to stay.

Talking about returning to his role as Humphrey, Kris Marshall said: “I had the best time playing Humphrey out in Guadeloupe and whilst I was delighted that he got his happy ending with Martha, I always wanted to know what happened next.

“So it’s a joy to be putting his crumpled jacket back on and seeing how life has panned out for him back in the UK.

"Working with Sally is a dream, and I can’t wait to continue Humphrey and Martha’s story and solve a few seemingly impossible mysteries along the way.”

Beyond Paradise guest cast

Phil Daniels in Beyond Paradise BBC

Just like Death in Paradise, the new series will feature a revolving door of brilliant guest casts for each weekly mystery.

Episode 1

  • Montserrat Lombard (Rare Beast) – Plays Gwen Taylor
  • Samantha Spiro (Babs) – Plays Yvonne Wiley
  • Davood Ghadami (EastEnders, below) – Plays Ben Tyler
  • Peter De Jersey – Plays Patrick Wiley
  • Nina Singh (The Lazarus Project) – Plays Sarah Dodds
  • Dan Mersh – Plays Peter Meadows
  • Chris Jenks (Sex Education) – Plays Josh Woods
  • Yasmine Akram (Bad Sisters) – Plays Carol Meadows
Davood Ghadami in Beyond Paradise BBC

Future list guest stars confirmed by the BBC:

  • Phil Daniels (Rock & Chips, above)
  • Jade Harrison (The Stranger)
  • Rufus Jones (Home)
  • David Reed (Endeavour)
  • Ella Kenion (The Green Green Grass)
  • John Macneill (His Dark Materials)
  • Jaye Jacobs (Holby City)
  • John Hollingworth (1917)
  • Ingrid Oliver (The Hustle)
  • Edward Rowe (Enys Men)
Kerry Howard in Beyond Paradise BBC
  • Kerry Howard (Him & Her, above)
  • Pooky Quesnel (Ralph & Katie)
  • Alan Williams (Chernobyl)
  • Annette Badland (Bergerac)
  • Hannah Traylen (Boiling Point)
  • Lily Frazer (Ladhood)
  • Ruth Madoc (Hi-di-Hi), in her last role before her death in December 2022.

What is the Beyond Paradise release date?

Watch Beyond Paradise on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Friday 24 February.

Tim Key from Red Planet Pictures, the creators of Death in Paradise said: "We always knew there were more Humphrey Goodman tales to be told and with the brilliant Tony Jordan leading the writing team, bringing all the Death in Paradise spirit, humour and joy to this brand new, original series, we can't wait to get started.

"While Humphrey is used to contending with fiendishly clever puzzles, the biggest challenge of all is navigating his private life and finding out what happens beyond the 'happy ever after'. We’re delighted to be working with Kris and Sally again and creating a little bit of Paradise in the UK."

Where is Beyond Paradise filmed?

A world away from Guadeloupe, Beyond Paradise is set in the fictional Devonshire coastal town of Shipton Abbott.

The cast were spotted in Cornwall and the South West filming the series in 2022.

Filming locations included Looe, the Tamar Valley, Bere Ferrers and Weir Quay.

Where is Beyond Paradise filmed? All the stunning filming locations

What is the Beyond Paradise theme tune? Who sings the opening credits song?

"The music is a huge part of the series," said executive producer Tim Key.

"Magnus (Fiennes) who composes it, also does the music on Death in Paradise. He had to find a musical language for the show.

"We also got Bellowhead involved who are the coolest modern folk band. They got together and willingly to make our theme tune and end credit music. That was joyous for me, a dive into British folk music.

"A bit of Pentangle in there and I’ve always wanted to use Hocus Pocus by Focus in something. It’s the craziest song you’ll ever hear. There’s not enough yodelling on chase scenes in British television"

Talking about the Beyond Paradise theme tune, he added: "Getting Bellowhead involved was such a privilege. I couldn’t believe they all gave up their time to do it and we recorded it in Rockfield. The lyrics felt really right for what we’re doing."

Watch Beyond Paradise on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Friday 24 February.