Dead Ringers: Rachel Weisz takes twin role in reboot of Jeremy Irons' 80s thriller

The 1988 movie about identical twin doctors has been adapted as a TV series for Prime Video starring the Oscar-winning British actress. Find out all there is to know so far.

By Katie Archer Published: 18 May 2021 - 1.08pm
Getty Rachel Weisz

It’s testament to Amazon’s high-quality Originals that Hollywood star Rachel Weisz has signed up to her first TV role with the streaming service.

Viewers may remember the thriller Dead Ringers from the 80s, which gets a reboot with Weisz in both of the lead roles.

Here’s all we know so far about the plot, cast, and when it’s likely to reach our screens.

What is Dead Ringers?

Amazon Prime Video has greenlit a number of exciting original series recently based on hit films, and Dead Ringers is the latest to join the slate.

A modern update of the 1988 thriller from David Cronenberg, it promises to be every bit as gripping in the rebooted version for TV.

The ruthless Mantle twins share everything in life, including drugs and lovers.

But the sisters also have a single-minded desire to see women’s healthcare prioritised, and will do whatever it takes to realise that dream – even pushing the boundaries of medical ethics to challenge antiquated practices.

Dead Ringers has been described by its production company as “a thrilling tale about ambition, self-interest, and the manipulation of power”.

In the 1988 film, the Mantle twins - played by Jeremy Irons - were male gynaecologists  and the story headed towards a terrifyingly grisly conclusion.

This TV series sees the twins become female in an updated retelling of the psychological thriller.

Dead Ringers has been written by Alice Birch, who adapted the novel Normal People for TV.

Who stars in Dead Ringers?


So far, there’s only been one casting announcement for the series, but it’s a biggie.

Rachel Weisz is set to take on Jeremy Irons’ double-role as both of the Mantle twins, who will now be female.

This is the first time Weisz has starred in a TV series – she’s better known for her film roles, winning an Oscar for The Constant Gardener and earning an Oscar nomination for The Favourite.

When is it on TV?

Casting for Dead Ringers was only announced in August 2020, so the series is a little way off being ready to launch yet.

When it does, it will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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