7 Questions with… Discovery of Witches Ed Bluemel: ‘The heat is turned up in season 3’

Discovery of Witches star Ed Bluemel on that dramatic season 2 ending, what’s next for the Sky One fantasy drama and the Marcus and Phoebe romance.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 1 January 2021 - 9.58am
Ed Bluemel as Marcus in A Discovery of Witches

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A Discovery of Witches broke all sorts of records when it returned in the New Year with more viewers binging the fantasy drama than any other returning Sky Original.

With both season 1 and 2 available to watch in full on Sky One with NOW, we highly recommend the magical world of witches, demons and vampires and delicious mix of sizzling romance, dark drama and time-hopping magic.

For Ed Bluemel’s Marcus Whitmore, season 2 featured a new romance with human Phoebe Taylor (Adelle Leonce) and a game-changing finale that placed the vampire in grave danger.

We caught up with Ed to chat about the response to season two, the Marcus and Phoebe relationship and what lays ahead in season 3…

1. What has the response to season 2 been like from fans?

It’s been great actually. I’ve been surprised at how many people are talking and tweeting about it. I also think because there isn’t the chance for that interaction in real life, everyone over the last eight months has been trained to communicate over the internet anyway. People online are really enjoying it.

I don’t know in this day and age how many people are really just sitting and watching it week by week. A lot of people seemed to binge it in week one and do it in a day or a couple of days. It’s been a nice reminder to me of why it’s a great show and to see everyone thrilled and enjoying it.

2. Has it been gutting to miss out on fan conventions and meet and greets?

It is a shame to miss out on that because it does have such a passionate fanbase. But I’m really hoping as time moves and things start to improve we’ll get our chance to be face-to-face again. We’ll be able to meet at conventions and all sorts of things that bring fans together. It is a shame not be enjoying that, but so much happens online these days, the fanbase has been kept alive and very lively and involved there.

3. Marcus and Phoebe were a season 2 highlight. How did you establish a dynamic with Adelle?

Nobody was available for a season 2 read-through, so I didn’t get a chance to meet her before filming. The first time we met was on the set - it was the scene where Marcus and Phoebe go on a date together.

It was quite nice because as soon as the camera cut, it was like our own first date and getting to know each other. That actually helped with the filming of the scene because were getting to know each other like the characters.

Almost all my scenes in season 2 are with her and she was amazing to work alongside. It was great to get to know a new character and a character unlike anything we had in season one. Especially for Marcus, there was no love interest in season 1 and apart from Nathanial there was nobody who was really his sort of person. It was lovely to have that fresh angle on the storyline.

4. Were you a little jealous of Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer heading back to Elizabethan England?

Definitely the costumes, I was a bit jealous of. But at the same time, it took Matthew about 25 minutes every time he needed a p**s because he was so tied into all this leather. So god giveth and god take away. You might look amazing, but in terms of practicality, a pair of jeans is more convenient on set.

5. No spoilers obviously, but for people who have seen the ending – wow – what impact will those scenes have on Marcus?

For Marcus, the finale really puts things into perspective for him – how important it is, the job that he’s doing. He sees how seriously he’s got to take it and the responsibility that’s on his shoulders. It makes Marcus see that there are people depending on him to be successful in his job as the Grand Master and to fight for freedom and liberation for the various different creatures.

There is definitely powers at work that are incredibly dangerous and he’s seen them first-hand and has seen the potential damage they can cause to him, his loved ones and everyone else.

6. What is the biggest challenge on Discovery of Witches?

I think it’s always hard getting your head around playing a character with the physicality of a 23-year-old but a mind and interior and wisdom of someone who is coming up to 300.

He is often written and described as young and youthful and almost immature at points, but it’s getting that balance right. He is all those things, but he’s also three times younger than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

What does that do to somebody and what gravitas does that give to someone? Why is he young, why does he act that way and why is he frozen in time? I think they are really interesting question about vampires. When you are faced with immortality, what does that do to your growth as a human being? Does it stunt it? As there’s no reason to grow up, do you not grow up?

I found that a quite hard character dilemma to work around. I’ve had to take some liberties with that as an actor because in all honesty I think if we had immortal beings on Earth, they would just sit in a dark room and pray for death. It’s a fun challenge as an actor to bring all of that to life.

7. What are you allowed to tell us about A Discovery of Witches season 3?

The heat is turned up. We’re introduced to some amazing new characters. Some from the book, which I know the book fans are excited about. We’ll see people reunited who weren’t together in season two.

And what’s really fun about season 3 is seeing the whole family come together for one final time. To try and sort everything out for good. There is also some great action in it.

I’ve enjoyed working with the new characters, who bring a fresh new direction for the show.

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