Classic Doctor Who: The best episodes, stories and specials to watch on BritBox

If you get BritBox, you can enjoy more than 550 classic Doctor Who episodes dating back to 1963, as well as spin-offs, documentaries and more.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 6 October 2020 - 10.10pm
BritBox William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee

Make room behind the sofa - Doctor Who fans can now binge the biggest box of classics, forgotten gems and rarely-seen time-travelling treasures all in one place.

BritBox is the home of the biggest collection of British box sets and it wouldn’t be complete without a super-sized stash of the most famous sci-fi character in British TV history – The Doctor.

Here is quick guide to everything Who fans and newcomers alike need to know...

Which Doctor Who episodes are included?

Colin Baker in Doctor Who BritBox

The home of classic Doctor Who, BritBox has 129 complete stories and 558 episodes, spanning from the first Doctor, William Hartnell to the eighth, Paul McGann.

If watched back-to-back without stopping to eat, drink or sleep it would take a committed viewer around 272 hours or over 11 days to watch everything - that's assuming you have no access to a time-bending Tardis. 

Included in the collection are The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase, The Ice Warriors and The Invasion, which feature a combination of original content and animation.

An unaired story entitled Shada and a further two complete, solely animated stories - The Power Of The Daleks and The Macra Terror - are also included.

In addition, The Underwater Menace, The Wheel In Space and The Web Of Fear have been completed using Telesnaps - photographs taken from the TV screen during the programmes' original transmission.

Orphaned episodes from missing Doctor Who stories include The Crusade, Galaxy 4, The Space Pirates and The Celestial Toymaker.

What other Doctor Who shows and films are on BritBox?

Paul McGann in Doctor Who: The Movie BritBox

But if you're only watching the classic episodes, you're really only scraping the surface.

You can also watch Paul McGann’s Doctor Who: The Movie from 1996, which starred Daphne Ashbrook as companion Grace Holloway and Eric Roberts as The Master.

An Adventure in Space and Time, a 2013 drama about the creation of Doctor Who  starring David Bradley as First Doctor William Hartnell, Jessica Raine as producer Verity Lambert, Brian Cox as TV executive Sydney Newman and Sacha Dhawan as director Waris Hussein, is also available to watch.

Older Doctor Who fans will relish the opportunity to revisit the 1981 spin-off K9 & Company spin-off, and there are also hours of archive footage, interviews and more in Doctor Who Revisited and Doctor Who: Tales from the Tardis.

Where do you begin?

Sylvester McCoy in Doctor Who BritBox

You could, of course, start from the very beginning and work your way through chronologically. Or you could take a leaf out of the Doctor's book and dash forwards and backwards through time to get a flavour for the era or Doctor you like best.

BritBox has some handy collections, ‘The Greatest Classic Stories’, ‘Doctor Who vs the Daleks’ and ‘Doctor Who vs the Cybermen’ which pull together episodes from across the decades which will help you find your favourite Doctor and decide where you want to head next.

BritBox is the ultimate home of Classic Doctor Who, where fans can stream to their hearts’ content.

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