I Hate Suzie: What's it about? Who's in the cast? When does it start? Everything you need to know about Billie Piper's edgy new drama

Billie Piper reunites with Secret Diary of a Call Girl writer Lucy Prebble for an eight-part drama about celebrity scandal, coming soon to Sky Atlantic with NOW TV.

By Sophia Moir Published: 19 August 2020 - 2.05pm
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Watch I Hate Suzie Box Set from Thursday, August 27 on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV

The career of star Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper) is already heading downhill when a photo is leaked of her in an extremely compromising position in Sky Atlantic's edgy new drama.

Created by Piper and Succession writer Lucy Prebble, who previously worked together on Secret Diary of a Call Girl, new eight-part series I Hate Suzie looks at what happens to someone when the mask slips. Can anyone can survive being well and truly ‘known’?

Here's everything we know about I Hate Suzie so far...

When does I Hate Suzie start?

All episodes of I Hate Suzie land on Sky Atlantic on Thursday, August 27.

NOW TV customers can watch the full Box Set from the same date with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. 

The series consists of eight episodes.

What is I Hate Suzie About?

I Hate Suzie is a bold, edgy, entertaining drama about that moment in life when the mask slips. Former teen pop star-turned-actor Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper) has her whole life upended when her phone is hacked and compromising photos are leaked online.

Aided by her best friend and manager Naomi (Leila Farzad), Suzie tries to hold her life, career and family together in the face of being exposed for who she truly is. But who the hell is that?

The hacked photos send shock waves through Suzie’s career and personal life. Will she keep the role of her career as an ageing princess in an upcoming Disney movie? Will she keep her job as Molly, a feisty WW2 civilian fighting Nazi Zombies in streaming show AfterDeath? And will she manage to keep her husband, Cob (Daniel Ings), and son Frank (Matthew Jordan-Caws), once the truth behind the hacked photos is revealed?

Suzie and Naomi go into crisis management mode. The photos aren’t of Suzie at all, they’re fake. The photos are of Suzie but they were taken a long, long time ago…. When no excuses stick, Suzie is forced to own it all and so begins a public shaming and private take down of Suzie.

I Hate Suzie follows Suzie through eight stages, from Shock to Acceptance, as she tries to come to terms with the exposure, the trauma and the public reflection of herself.

What if she just does everything everyone else tells her to like she always has since she was plucked from obscurity to become a teen pop star? Every step of her life, Suzie has happily worn whatever mask was required of her but when exposure comes this hard and fast, Suzie finds there isn’t anywhere to hide from herself.

Who's in the cast of I Hate Suzie?

Suzie - Billie Piper

Suzie's a former child star-turned-actress who has found herself in a position where her entire life is a performance. And now she’s the victim of a mass hack. She is a sparkling, broken, smiley, depressive, unique every-woman - basically a mass of contradictions.

The series shows the unravelling of her life in different chapters as we, and Suzie, discover what she hasn’t been able to so far - who she actually is.

Suzie is played by acclaimed British actress Billie Piper, who's been nominated for a number of top acting awards for her roles in TV shows including Doctor Who (as Rose Tyler), Collateral (as Karen Mars) and Secret Diary of a Call Girl (as Belle/Hannah).

Naomi - Leila Farzad

Naomi is Suzie’s long-time best friend and manager. She’s been in charge of Suzie’s life for as long as they can both remember. But ultimately, who controls who? Suzie is smart, vulnerable, impatient, emotionally repressed, political.

She's played by Leila Farzad, known for playing Janice Parker in crime drama Innocent, as well as for being the voice of Mummy Cat/Mummy Pony in animated pre-school TV series Peppa Pig.

Cob - Daniel Ings

Cob is Suzie’s husband. He is a lecturer, a former actor and lifelong student. He’s funny, handsome and a great dad. But underneath that, he's furious at the world and threatened by his wife’s success. He covers his many insecurities with intellectually oppressive confidence. How does a man like this respond to his wife being exposed?

He's played by Daniel Ings, who you might recognise from roles in Lovesick (as Luke), The Crown (as Mike Parker), Black Mirror (as David Gilkes), The English Game (as Francis Marindin), and Instinct (as Andy).

Carter - Nathaniel Martello-White 

Carter is a celebrated writer and showrunner who creates entire worlds for money. He falls in love constantly, but every time it’s real. This time he’s desperately in love with Suzie. How can he keep her without losing anything else in his life?

He's played by Nathaniel Martello-White, a respected theatre actor who's also appeared in films and TV shows including Death in Paradise, Misfits, Silk, Collateral and Doctors.

Frank - Matthew Jordan-Caws

Frank is Suzie's football-obsessed, seven-year-old son, who either doesn’t realise or doesn’t care that his mum is famous. Frank - who is deaf - is happiest when glued to his device or running around with his dad and a football. When Frank starts displaying some new and questionable behaviour, Suzie and Cob are forced to acknowledge their issues may be having more of an effect on their son than either of them want to admit.

He's played by child actor Matthew Jordan-Caws.

The cast also includes EastEnders star Phil Daniels and The Crown’s Lorraine Ashbourne as Suzie’s parents, alongside Dexter Fletcher as Ben Detroit and Luke Franks as Raptor.


Watch the I Hate Suzie trailer

I Hate Suzie starts Thursday, August 27 on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV.

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