I Hate Suzie is back for a second season of dark and twisted drama and humour as Billie Piper’s Suzie Pickles attempts to rejuvenate her showbiz career via a stint on a reality TV dance competition.

Joining Piper in the season 2 cast are Douglas Hodge (The Great) and Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners).

Hodge plays Bailey Quinn, a mostly retired British guitar band legend and Suzie’s first husband, while Harrison plays Danny Carno, an England footballer turned Twitch streamer who has some secrets.

Billie Piper's best ever TV shows

Talking to BT TV about working with Piper, Hodge described the show’s lead actress, co-writer and co-producer as "a force of nature".

"I've worked with her a few times and she’s got an extraordinary energy on set," said Hodge.

"Also in this she plays someone so fragile, which she has to keep simmering, while also producing and helping write. And also she can really dance."

Harrison said: "Force of nature is the right phrase. She gives so much to the role. It feels like you’re witnessing something special on set.

"She's just a phenomenal dancer. The way she is in her acting is parallel to her dancing, she's just raw."

Blake Harrison and Billie Piper in I Hate Suzie Too

Hodge added: "I can’t think of many people has that sort of emotional acting range, who can also dance that well.

"I dropped her at one point, which could have impeded her whole dance career, but she managed to survive regardless of me."

Harrison and Hodge have differing opinions on what it was like to dust of their dance skills for the series.

For Harrison it "brought back fond memories" of doing his dance GSCE exams, but it was slightly more challenging for his elder co-star.

"I don’t have a dance GSCE. I don’t dance, unless I’m very drunk when I can’t be stopped dancing," Hodge jokes.  "I don't like the regimented aspect, where everyone has to do the same thing."

I Hate Suzie Too - Secrets from the Set

What is the plot of I Hate Suzie Too?

Billie Piper in I Hate Suzie Too

Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper) is performing for the nation on TV show Dance Crazee, a Strictly Come Dancing-style reality show. And it's clear that quite a lot of people still hate Suzie.

With the breakdown of her marriage to ex-husband Cob (Daniel Ings), Suzie is now embroiled in expensive and painful legal proceedings. New agent Sian (Anastasia Hille) and PR consultant Holland (Omari Douglas) convince Suzie this is the opportunity of a lifetime. She can be the 'Suzie Pickles who won Dance Crazee Xmas'.

With no home and no money, Suzie has no choice but to accept. At least her ex-ex-husband, charming faded rockstar Bailey Quinn (Douglas Hodge) is also doing the show.

Suzie isn't going down to Cob or the British public without a fight.

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