Killing Eve season 3: When is it back? Who is in the cast? Everything you need to know

It ain’t over yet for Eve and Villanelle - find out what to expect from series 3.

By Katie Archer Published: 5 December 2019 - 3.20pm

Killing Eve’s season 2 ending might have seemed pretty final, but a third instalment of the dark comedy drama is about to hit our screens.

Here’s all you need to know about the return of Killing Eve, including who’s writing it and who will star in it.

When is Killing Eve series 3 on TV?

A third season for the assassin drama was announced by the BBC before season 2 had even aired.

Killing Eve will stream weekly at 6am from Monday, April 13 on BBC iPlayer, and then on Sunday nights on BBC One from Sunday, April 19.

Is there a trailer?

There is, and in true Killing Eve style, it suggests, to the iconic strains of Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, that we're in for another series of globe-trotting murder and mayhem. Watch it below:

Who's writing series 3?

Phoebe Waller Bridge at the theatre

The series is based on the Villanelle novel series by Luke Jennings, and was originally adapted for TV by Fleabag creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Although Waller-Bridge has remained with the show as an executive producer, she passed on writing duties to Call the Midwife’s Emerald Fennell for series two.

Now, the tradition is continuing as another new writer, Suzanne Heathcote (who has penned a couple of episodes of Fear the Walking Dead) has signed up for series three.

Waller-Bridge, who is currently working on the new Bond movie, said: “I’m very excited that the Killing Eve baton is being passed onto another incredible writer for season three. We can sleep soundly knowing these characters are safe in Suzanne Heathcote’s hilariously murderous hands.”

However, she told The Mirror that it was possible she could have a hand in writing some of the scenes.

Phoebe said: “I was like, I am going to write myself a part so that I can be murdered by Jodie.”

Who will star in series 3?

It’s pretty much a given that the award-winning Jodie Comer will return as Villanelle in series 3, and we’re also expecting a return from the dead for Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh).

Eve’s husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) is expected to be back on screen, as are MI6 mother and son Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) and Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney).

At the moment, we don’t know whether Hugo survived the hotel attack, but if he did we could see Edward Bluemel back in the cast.

Kim Bodnia is also thought to be returning as Villanelle’s handler Konstantin.

What will happen in Killing Eve series 3?

Watch out for spoilers if you haven’t yet finished series 2…

Things may have seemed pretty final for Eve at the end of the last series when she was shot by Villanelle amid the Roman ruins, but we’d be amazed if one of the show’s title character didn’t somehow make a return.

If Eve does turn out to be alive and well, she’s going to have some serious questions to face from husband Niko, who was tortured by Villanelle and woke up to discover she had murdered his colleague Gemma.

Sandra Oh and Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve series 2

The couple’s marriage is already on the rocks, so it remains to be seen whether the threat of a psychopathic assassin will draw them back together or push them further apart.

Meanwhile, Eve is in big trouble with MI6 as she refused to flee to safety with boss Carolyn, instead choosing to save Villanelle – who also risked her life by defying her bosses, The 12.

Colleague Hugo looked in a bad way when we last saw him bleeding on the floor of the hotel corridor and begging for help, but as his body then disappeared without a trace, we don’t yet know whether he has miraculously survived.

And of course, Eve will need to own up to the murder of chilling assassination enforcer Raymond, who she was led into killing to save Villanelle – even though Villanelle later admitted to having a gun on her during the attack.

Whatever happens next, things certainly look rocky for Eve in series 3.

Killing Eve will stream weekly at 6am from Monday, April 13 on BBC iPlayer, and then on Sunday nights on BBC One from Sunday, April 19.