Lockwood and Co cast: Meet Ruby, Cameron and Ali, the stars of Netflix's teen ghost-hunting drama

We meet Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman and Ali Hadji-Heshmati, soon to be better known as the stars of Netflix’s ghost-hunting adventure series Lockwood & Co.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 27 January 2023 - 3.48pm

Lockwood and Co is Netflix’s new addictive British drama series about a gang of teenage ghost-hunters.

Filled with spooks, thrills and secrets, the eight-episode series is based on the hit books of Jonathan Stroud and is written and directed by Joe Cornish (Attack The Block).

BT TV caught up with Cornish and the show’s three lead actors who play Lucy, Lockwood and George, a teenage trio who run their own ghost-hunting agency in a version of London flooded with paranormal spirits.

Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman and Ali Hadji-Heshmati talked to us about when they all met for the first time and the use of humour in the show.

We also spoke to exec producer Joe Cornish about the huge cliffhanger season 1 ending, which leaves Netflix with no choice but to give us a season 2.

Lockwood and Co season 1 is streaming now on Netflix