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*SPOILERS for Obsession below*

It was never going to end well, but nobody could have predicted the shock, life-altering twist at the end of Netflix’s new romantic thriller, Obsession.

After William (Richard Armitage - The Hobbit, The Stranger) embarks on a passionate affair with his son’s fiancée Anna (Charlie Murphy - Peaky Blinders, Happy Valley), the pair are caught red-handed by his son Jay (Rish Shah - Ms Marvel, Do Revenge).

Jay is so shocked, he walks backwards, but with William shouting at him while moving towards him, Jay keeps moving backwards and falls over the spiral staircase to the floor below. 

Shocked by his son's death, William runs down the stairs, holding a lifeless Jay in his arms before confessing everything to the police. 

His wife Ingrid (Indira Varma - Game of Thrones, Luther) leaves him, her life ruined and their family completely broken.

But William says he has no regrets - he still just wants Anna. In the closing scenes, we see William buying their old flat and moving into it on his own.

Speaking exclusively to BT TV, Armitage calls William’s behaviour by the end of the series “unfathomable”.

Richard Armitage in Obsession Netflix

He tells us: “I suppose for me, the line that he says to Anna, which is ‘I wouldn't change it’. I mean that's kind of unfathomable based on what he knows and what's happened.”

Anna is at a different place at the end of the series - she's seeing a therapist to talk about her issues.

There is a flicker in her eyes with the therapist to suggest she’s not quite ready to change, although Murphy says Anna is "shocked” by William’s declaration that he wouldn’t change anything about their affair.

She says: “There's a real growth for her. It only takes a death to get there, but it must have been monumental.”

BT TV also spoke to Rish Shah, who plays William's son Jay, and Indira Varma, who plays William’s wife Ingrid, about the show’s ending.

You can check out the full video interview with the cast at the top of this page.

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