Fans of Prodigal Son, the hit American series offering a fresh take on the crime drama genre, were delighted when it was renewed for a second series.

Prodigal Son season 1 premiered on Fox in the US before heading to Sky and NOW in the UK, with the stand-out performances by British actors Michael Sheen and Tom Payne praised by critics.

Find out all you need to know about the show’s series 2 launch in the UK here, including exclusive quotes from our interview with the show's star Tom Payne, as well as thoughts from Michael Sheen and new addition Catherine Zeta-Jones.

How to watch Prodigal Son season 2 in the UK

Prodigal Son season 2 is available on Sky Max and NOW.

Tom Payne, who plays Malcolm Bright in Prodigal Son, told us about the complications of making the series during the pandemic ahead of filming in October 2020: “We’re all doing the same thing really in that we’ll all have a [coronavirus] test wherever we’re coming from, and then we’ll travel, and then we’ll have another test, and then quarantine for a couple of weeks.”

Prodigal Son's Tom Payne

Prodigal Son season 2 cast in a nutshell

All of the main cast of Prodigal Son are expected to return for season 2, including Tom Payne (who plays criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright) and Michael Sheen (who plays Malcolm's father, serial killer Dr Martin Whitly).

Bellamy Young (Malcolm's mum, Jessica Whitly) and Halston Sage (Malcolm's sister, Ainsley Whitly) will also be back, along with Lou Diamond Phillips (Gil Arroyo), Aurora Perrineau (Dani Powell), Frank Harts (JT Tarmel) and Keiko Agena (Dr Edrisa Tanaka).

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Sheen in Prodigal Son

However the biggest addition to the series is Catherine Zeta-Jones, who joins the show in episode 7.

She said of her character Dr Vivian Capshaw: "Doctor Capshaw is the inhouse doctor. She has an affiliation when Martin comes into her infirmary. It’s doctor versus doctor. He’s a very strong character and one would think Vivian is too.

"Their two worlds meet in this psychiatric infirmary and just a competitive nature in the same business, albeit Martin isn’t practising, these two strong characters come together in a very confined space. A whole plethora of stuff happens.

"There’s certainly something that fires up when these two characters get together. Their brains and passion for being a doctor but also her knowing what a great surgeon he was on the outside and seeing him on the inside – so there’s a real power struggle between them, which is fun to watch, really fun to play. It’s like a cat and mouse relationship." 

Catherine admitted that the chance to work with Michael Sheen was a huge selling point for joining the show.

She said: "I’ve admired Michael Sheen from a distance. He is from my hometown and I’ve never met him before. We have childhood friends that went to the same school and we were both part of the Dylan Thomas Theatre and Dance.

"Even though we are the same age and we have all of these mutual friends, we've never crossed. Our parents even know each other. So that was, of course, a huge pull for me."  

Tom Payne gave us an update as to whether he's kept up with his cast mates since filming for season 1 ended.

“Yeah, especially during these times, because everyone’s trying to get any information they can out of anyone,” he said. “Being the lead of a show like this, you are weirdly kind of the dad of the show, you’re kind of responsible for everyone. People do look to you for guidance and leadership.” 

“Halston is my little sister now, so she calls me to talk about things, it’s really sweet. We’re always checking in on each other all the time, because it’s a tight group. I’m very accessible to everyone, they all have my phone number, and we talk a lot. 

“I saw Bellamy and her partner recently. Everyone’s been very quarantined really, and Michael’s in Wales. Some people like Lou and Frank stayed in New York, Aurora is here in LA, and so is Halston. We’ve all been a bit spread around, and now we’ve got to figure out how we’re all gonna get to New York.”

Prodigal Son season 2: What happens?

*spoilers for season 1 ahead*

The Whitly family have got a major cover-up on their hands to deal with at the start of season 2, after Ainsley unexpectedly killed Dermot Mulroney's slimy Nicholas Endicott.

Malcolm's personal life is consequently torn to pieces; now he must 'take care' of her and protect his mother from the secret that could tear the family apart again.

Halston Sage as Ainsley Whitly and Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright in Prodigal Son

Is there a trailer for Prodigal Son season 2?

Yes - you can watch the trailer below:

Will there be more seasons of Prodigal Son?

Season 3 appears to be very much up in the air.

Ahead of the season 2 finale airing in the States, Deadline reported that Fox - which airs the series across the pond - has decided not to renew the drama.

That may still mean that another streaming service could pick up season 3, but no takers have been confirmed yet.

Watch Prodigal Son season 1 on Sky Max with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

The season 1 box set is streaming now.


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