Riches: Everything you need to know about ITV’s high-stakes, super-wealthy family drama

ITV’s Riches will follow the exploits of the super-successful and wealthy Richards family. Find out who's in the cast, discover the release date and more…

By Alex Fletcher Published: 7 November 2022 - 3.02pm
ITV Riches - coming soon to ITVX

ITV has released a first look at the highly-anticipated new series Riches – a six-part drama following the exploits of the stylish, privileged and super-successful Richards family.

Created by Abby Ajayi (How to Get Away With Murder, Inventing Anna), the series is centred on a family showdown after the sudden death of London-based business mogul Stephen Richards (Hugh Quarshie).

Stephen’s estranged American daughter and son return after he dies, and two family factions vie for control of the Richards empire.

ITV’s head of drama Polly Hill said: "Abby's scripts are brilliant, full of family feuds in a world of privilege and power that surprise and entertain."

The series will be released in the US on Amazon Prime Video.

What is the Riches release date?

Riches will air first in the UK on ITVX, the new free streaming service from ITV.

Watch Riches on Thursday 22 December on ITVX.

All episodes will be available to stream at launch.

What is Riches about?

Deborah Ayorinde (Nina) in Riches ITV

Riches is about the beauty empire built by ruthless businessman Stephen Richards (Hugh Quarshie), called Fair & Glory.

Richards oversees a multi-million pound cosmetics empire, is an advocate for black-owned business and has a glamorous second wife, Claudia (Sarah Niles).

The couple have three children, Alesha (Adeyinka Akinrinade), Gus (Ola Orebiyi) and Wanda (Nneka Okoye), who love their lavish lifestyle.

In New York, Richards has two estranged children, Nina (Deborah Ayorinde), and Simon (Emmanuel Imani), from his first marriage, who have established businesses of their own.

When Stephen suffers a stroke, the two sides of the family collide and the future of the Richards empire is at stake.

"Riches is a love letter to Black London," said creator Abby Ajayi.

"It has been thrilling to create the Richards' family and celebrate their opulence, their ambition and their immigrant grit. Our talented ensemble of actors are a joy."

Who are the Riches cast?

Adeyinka Akinrinade (Alesha), Ola Orebiyi (Gus) and Nneka Okoye (Wanda) in Riches ITV
  • Deborah Ayorinde (Them, Truth Be Told) – Plays Nina
  • Hugh Quarshie (Absentia) – Plays Stephen Richards
  • Sarah Niles (Ted Lasso, I May Destroy You) – Plays Claudia
  • Hermione Norris (Luther) – Plays Maureen Dawson
  • Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey) – Plays Gideon
  • CJ Beckford (The Trial of Christine Keeler)
  • Adeyinka Akinrinade (Top Boy, Temple)
  • Ola Orebiyi (Cherry, A Brixton Tale)
  • Nneka Okoye (Grantchester)
  • Emmanuel Imani (Cobra, Black Earth Rising)
  • Jourdan Dunn  - Plays Davina

Jourdan Dunn – Plays Davina

Jourdan Dunn in Riches ITV

"Davina is fun-loving and harmless however when her integrity is being questioned she will let everyone know what time it is," explains model-turned-actress Dunn.

"People need to watch this because it's a refreshing story about a Black British family in the UK which has never been seen before. It is filled with high-stake drama, Black opulence, and empowerment. In my lifetime I've never seen anything like this on a UK screen."

Hermione Norris – Plays Maureen Dawson

Hermoine Norris in Riches ITV

"Maureen is quite the enigmatic, incredibly discreet. She is the all-seeing eye," said Norris.

"She is the height of discretion. She is the ever-present person of Flair & Glory. She knows everything that has gone on in the company since its beginning. She just knows everything that is going on everywhere."

The Cold Feet star added: "Everyone has their own currency as an individual and in this particular family money is a huge part of that and how that bends people out of shape. How it defines them. How they value themselves, is how much they are worth, how much they are going to get."

Brendan Coyle plays Gideon

Brendan Coyle in Riches as Gideon ITV

"Gideon is the family lawyer, he's the executor of Stephen's will," said Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle.

"He is a high flying financial wiz. It is implied that he was Stephen's right-hand man. He was a very loyal general for their financial building up of this empire.

"He appears ostensibly to be loyal, to be supporting Stephen and Simon and the inheritance of the company. He is seemingly carrying out Stephen’s wishes but there’s something murky going on."

Coyle added: "The themes that interest me about Riches are ambition, family fractions in fighting, drive, wealth but also culture. Looking at the culture of a British Nigerian family having made all of this money. And the theme of just stylish, witty, sharp writing and performing.

"It's an extraordinary cast. I mean there was Downton Abbey and now Riches, they're two of the best teams I have played for."

CJ Beckford – Plays Andre

CJ Beckford in Riches ITV

"Andre is Gideon's assistant, he's also a secret lover to… a few people," explains CJ Beckford.

"And basically, he's the Chief Financial Officer of Flair & Glory and he's an ambitious person, very ambitious. He wants to work his way to the top."

He added: "I just hope that people kind of enjoy it. Just enjoy something different on TV. Hopefully they can embrace this difference and tell as many people about it as possible."

How to watch Riches

Riches will release all six episodes on Thursday, Decmeber 22 on ITVX.

It will air on ITV at a later date.

Viewers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nordics, and Sub-Saharan Africa will be able to watch the series on Prime Video.