Riviera season 3: When does it start? Who's in the cast? What will happen? All you need to know about the glamorous drama's return

The stunning French Riviera forms the backdrop to the Julia Stiles drama about the murky world of art forgery, money laundering and murder on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV.

By Sophia Moir Published: 15 October 2020 - 8.00pm
Julia Stiles and Rupert Graves Riviera

Watch Riviera season 3 Box Set from Thursday, October 15 on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV. Watch season 1 and 2 Box Sets now.

By Sophia Moir and Pippa Shawley

Julia Stiles returns for the third series of sumptuous Sky Original drama Riviera, joined by Rupert Graves, Poppy Delevingne and Jack Fox.

Riviera season 3 sees Georgina (Stiles) abandon the glamorous but cursed French Riviera and start her life over, only to be thrown headlong into a dark and dangerous conspiracy.

From the UK release date on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV, who's in the cast, who sings the theme tune and where it's filmed, we reveal all you need to know about Riviera series 3... 

When does Riviera season 3 start in the UK?

All episodes of Riviera season 3 land on Sky Atlantic on Thursday, October 15.

NOW TV customers can watch the full Box Set from the same date with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. 

The series consists of eight episodes.

What will happen in Riviera season 3?

A year has passed since the explosive finale of Riviera season 2. Georgina (Julia Stiles) has abandoned the cursed Riviera, leaving all its devastation and damage behind, and has started her life over again, a phoenix from the flames.

Now a rising star in international art restitution, having reinvented herself as Georgina Ryland, she has partnered up with the charismatic and worldly Gabriel (Rupert Graves).

Georgina and Gabriel share a passion for justice, a keen sense of adventure, and an intoxicatingly notorious reputation. Together they scour the world for stolen works of art.

A confident and centred Georgina enjoys being back at the helm of her life where she can set the moral code, although disturbingly realistic nightmares and stark visions that betray her unsettled psyche still swirl under the surface.

However, she is a fearless, uncompromising and tenacious woman, and she’ll be OK as long as she stays out of trouble…

What happened in Riviera seasons 1 and 2?

The first season of Riviera saw Georgina investigating the mysterious circumstances around the death of her husband Constantine (Anthony LaPaglia). She discovers that her husband was under investigation by Interpol over money laundering and art forgery.

The season concludes with Georgina’s discovery that it was Constantine’s son Adam (Iwan Rheon) who was responsible for her death, and she kills him. 

Riviera season 2 saw the arrival of the Eltham family, a glamourous dynasty with their own secrets. Georgina is still battling for control of the Clios family with Constantine’s ex-wife Irina (Lena Olin) and has plenty of other problems to deal with.

Irina is convinced that Georgina has something to do with Adam’s disappearance, and hires a private detective to investigate. Meanwhile, Georgina returns to New York for the funeral of her conman father and confesses what actually happened to Adam. 

Who are the cast and characters in Riviera season 3?

Julia Stiles - Georgina Ryland

Georgina Ryland is much more than just a wealthy art dealer and the widow of a corrupt billionaire – she doesn’t share the sense of entitlement and privilege of her peers. 

She carved out her own path and isn’t afraid to make what others would consider the wrong decision, as long as she believes that it’s for the right reason. 

Georgina is played by Golden Globe-nominated actress Julia Stiles, who you may know from films including 10 Things I Hate About You, Save The Last Dance and Hustlers.

Rupert Graves - Gabriel Hirsch

Georgina’s international ally, Gabriel Hirsch, is a new character for season 3. Gabriel specialises in the restitution of stolen works. 

On one hand, his audacity and sense of justice give him the confidence to negotiate with severely shady characters; on the other, he is a reckless opportunist. 

He's played by Rupert Graves, known for roles in Sherlock, V for Vendetta and Last Tango in Halifax.

Poppy Delevingne - Daphne Eltham

One character who is back for season 3 is stylist Daphne Eltham. She has done her best to suppress her anxieties about her brother Nico's crimes and she is throwing herself at life with hedonistic abandon. 

However, running into Georgina exposes the toxic and controlling nature of her relationship with Nico. How can she escape?

Daphne is played by English model and actress Poppy Delevingne, who's appeared in films and TV shows including Genius and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 

Jack Fox - Nico Eltham

Daphne's brother Nico returns for series 3, and is still able to bully and manipulate his twin sister into the shape that best suits him.

Nico’s world - with his eye-wateringly huge bank balance - is all yachts and entitlement. Until Georgina returns to the Riviera, that is...

He's played by Jack Fox, who as part of the Fox acting dynasty is brother to Laurence and cousin to Emilia Fox. You might recognise him from his recent appearance in period drama Sanditon, as well as Fresh Meat.

Clare-Hope Ashitey - Ellen Swann

Another new character for Riviera season 3 is Ellen Swann, Chief of Staff to tech billionaire Alex Harewood (Synnove Macody Lund). 

Emotionally intelligent and superbly strategic, Ellen likes to be in control, but she knows which allegiances are worth it and how to play the game to get what she wants.

Ellen is played by Clare-Hope Ashitey, who's appeared in TV shows including Doctor Foster, Master of None and Doctor Who.

The cast of series 3 also includes Franco Masini (who plays Cesar Alsina Suarez), Eliseo Barrionuevo (Dario Alsina Suarez), Synnove Macody Lund (Alex Harewood) and Gabriel Corrado (Victor Alsina Suarez).

Where is Riviera season 3 filmed?

Riviera was filmed on location in the exclusive French Riviera, including Nice and Saint-Tropez. 

During the series, viewers enjoy splendid aerial views of Monte Carlo, the Mediterranean coast and the winding roads of the South of France, according to atlasofwonders.com.

Away from the French Riviera, filming has also taken place in Venice, Italy, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What is the Riviera theme tune?

The theme tune for Riviera is called 'Was It Love?', written by English musician Isabella 'Machine' Summers and featuring Lena.

Isabella forms forms part of indie rock band Florence and the Machine.

Producer Liza Marshall told Universal Music Publishing Group about the initial conversations with Isabella.

“I told Isabella what we wanted – a song that encapsulated the idea of a woman going on a journey and discovering that all was not as it seemed," she said.

“We talked about the look and feel of the show, the glamour and the murky world behind the wealth, and she came back with a draft of the fantastic song we now have.” 

Summers added: “Writing to a picture is a beautiful process, being able to visualise the words is amazing.” 

Listen to 'Was It Love?' below:

Watch the Riviera season 3 trailer

Riviera season 3 Box Set is available to watch from Thursday, October 15 on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV. 

Season 1 and 2 Box Sets are available to watch now.

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