SAS Rogue Heroes has been a critical and audience success, called a “riotous” drama with “action-packed set-pieces” in reviews, and drawing in 3.8 million viewers for its premiere on BBC One, not to mention a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The adrenaline-fuelled origins of the fearless, reckless Special Air Service (SAS) unit during World War II has been adapted into a six-part series by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, from Ben Macintyre’s bestselling book.

The military drama boasts Sex Education’s Connor Swindells as SAS founder David Stirling, alongside Dominic West (The Crown), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) and Jack O’Connell (Unbroken).

But following the cliffhanger ending of SAS Rogue Heroes, will it return for season 2? Will Connor Swindells be back as David Stirling? Discover all we know so far...


Will there be SAS Rogue Heroes season 2?

Yes! It was confirmed on Sunday 4 November - following the SAS Rogue Heroes finale on BBC One - that it will be returning for season 2.

Following weeks of speculation about whether fans would get to see another series, it was announced via a specially inserted ‘TO BE CONTINUED’ end caption, as the screen froze on Paddy Mayne (Jack O’Connell) - now in charge - and the credits rolled. 

Steven Knight, SAS Rogue Heroes’ creator, writer, and executive producer, says: “After the roaring success of Rogue Heroes I’m delighted to be embarking on the next chapter of the story.

"Series two will take the SAS into mainland Europe and will take our heroes to the limits of their endurance.”

SAS Rogue Heroes was billed as a mini-series, but it turns out creator Knight - who penned six seasons of Peaky Blinders - has plans for many more seasons of the drama.

He told LadBible that he has plans for at least three more seasons, taking viewers up to and beyond the length of its source material - Ben Macintyre’s book SAS Rogue Heroes.

“We're gonna go another three [seasons],” he said. “We're gonna to take it to after the end of the Second World War and then see what happens, because the story just keeps it going… and it just gets more and more incredible.”

The storyline may also include elements of another of Macintyre's books, Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle, about the prisoner-of-war camp in which David Stirling was detained.

He continued: “We might break away and do Colditz as well - [Julius] Green meets [David] Stirling.”

Captain Julius Morris Green was a Scottish prisoner of war who worked as a spy for MI9 during his time at Colditz Castle.


What is the SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 release date?

There is no release date for SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 as it’s not been filmed yet.

Industry magazine Backstage reports that shooting for series 2 is scheduled to begin in April 2023, so we expect the series will be released in autumn 2024 on BBC One.

We’ll update this article when the BBC confirms the release date.  

Who’s in the SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 cast?

The cast for SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 has not been announced, but we can make some assumptions based on who was alive at the end of season 2.

  • Connor Swindells – David Stirling

  • Jack O’Connell – Paddy Mayne

  • Dominic West – Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Wrangel Clarke

Alfie Allen will not be returning as Jock Lewes, nor Sofia Boutella as the fictional character, Eve Mansour, although these characters may return in flashback scenes. 

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What is the SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 plot?

The plot for SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 has not been revealed, although it is likely to follow David Stirling’s imprisonment following his capture by German forces in the episode six finale. 

The first season also alluded to the SAS’s future landing in Italy in the summer of 1943, where they joined forces with American troops. Future seasons may also cover the SAS preparing to land in Normandy, which paved the way for D-Day in the summer of 1944. 

Jock Lewes (ALFIE ALLEN), David Stirling (CONNOR SWINDELLS), Paddy Mayne (JACK O'CONNELL) BBC

Who created SAS Rogue Heroes?

SAS Rogue Heroes was a bestselling book about the beginnings of the SAS written by Ben Macintyre, and was adapted by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight into a major new drama series for BBC One.

Is there an SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 trailer?

There’s not a trailer for SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 as it’s not been filmed.

So in the meantime, go behind-the-scenes the making of SAS Rogue Heroes with this Desert Diaries video, below:

All episodes of SAS Rogue Heroes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

A release date for SAS Rogue Heroes season 2 has not been announced.