The Bay season 2: When does it start? Who is in the cast? What happened at the end of series 1? Everything you need to know

Morven Christie returns as Lisa Armstrong in the police drama series set in Morecambe and there is a big new mystery to be solved.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 21 January 2021 - 5.13pm

The Bay was one of the biggest new TV dramas of 2019, pulling in over 7 million viewers every episode and earning comparisons with Broadchurch for its portrayal of a seaside town filled with dark secrets.

The long wait for a second season is finally over and Morven Christie’s Lisa Armstrong back, faced with a new murder case and a chance to prove herself again after her misdemeanours in season one.

Daniel Ryan, Lindsey Coulson,  Taheen Modak, Imogen King and Art Parkinson all return from the first season and will be joined by some big new arrivals - and familiar faces - including Stephen Tompkinson, James Cosmo, Joe Absolom, Sunetra Sarker and Sharon Small.

The Bay season 2 episode 1 review

Teasing the new episodes, writer Daragh Carville said: "Without giving too much away there's a new crime in the Bay and that brings with it a new family to explore. Meanwhile Lisa is dealing with new challenges in her own life, both at work and at home. She's trying to move on with her life, but the past has a nasty habit of coming back to haunt you, just at the wrong time.

“In the first series we saw the impact of a murder on a working-class family already struggling with the pressures of life in straitened times. In this series I wanted to explore a different kind of family, and a new part of the world of Morecambe Bay.

“So this time the focus is on a middle-class family, the Marshbrooks, whose seemingly comfortable lives are shattered by a sudden, shocking tragedy.”

Here is everything you need to know about season 2...

What happened at the end of The Bay season 1?

Morven Christie and the cast of The Bay season 2 ITV

The Bay weaved plenty of strands of mystery into its story, but not all of them were untangled by the series end.

Family liaison officer Lisa Armstrong was assigned a case of teenage twins who had gone missing, but realised she had an awkward connection to the family as she’d had a one-night stand with their stepfather Sean on the night they disappeared.

Viewers were frustrated by Lisa putting her own career, and the case, in jeopardy by not just owning up to her honest mistake, but the twist definitely brought an extra level of drama to the story.

With echoes of Broadchurch as a body was found on a beach and pretty much everyone in town felt like a suspect, the conclusion still left lots of questions.

Missing Holly turned up and it was revealed that she was pregnant by Sam, a boy from her school.

She’d known about her twin brother Dylan’s death all along – he’d been pushed over by Sam and hit his head, later dying from the injuries.

Meanwhile, Lisa wasn’t exactly basking in the glory of a solved case as she was suspended over having deleted CCTV evidence that showed her in a bar with Sean.

There was also the fall-out of realising that her daughter Abbie had been involved with older man and drugs pusher Vincent, and that her son Rob had been shoplifting to impress an unidentified online bully.

What happens in The Bay season 2?

Morven Christie poses in Morecambe Bay ITV

After dealing with the repercussions of her actions from series 1, DC Lisa Armstrong (Christie) is given the opportunity to prove herself when asked to assist a murder investigation in Morecambe.

Tensions remain high as Lisa struggles to do her job whilst following the orders of her previously lower ranking colleague, Med (Modak).

As the team try to uncover why the victim was targeted, Lisa and her kids are unknowingly stalked by a mysterious figure who has returned with an agenda.

Talking about the changes for season 2, Modak said: "If you thought the first series was good, Daragh has really stepped it up this series. It is just such a good drama. There’s so much action; it really pushes the boundaries and goes to some dark places."

“Daragh has done this from the very first scenes and that is so exciting for an audience. He has just upped the stakes completely.”

When does The Bay season 2 start?

Watch The Bay from Wednesday, January 20 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

Watch the full season 1 and season 2 box set on BritBox.


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How many episodes of The Bay are there?

The new series has six episodes.

Who is in The Bay season 2 cast?

DC Lisa Armstrong – Played by Morven Christie

Morven Christie as Lisa Armstrong in The Bay ITV

Following the fall-out from her mistake in series 1, Lisa has had to face the consequences of her actions and rebuild the trust of her colleagues and family.

It’s taken its toll – demoted and living in a small flat with her kids, she’s spent this year trying to be the best officer, mum and daughter; supressing her adventurous spirit. Faced with one of the toughest cases of her career, Lisa must utilise all her skills as a Family Liaison Officer to support a grieving family and search for the truth, while working under a colleague she trained but who has now been promoted over her.

As work proves challenging, things aren’t any easier at home as a mysterious figure returns from the past, looking to destabilise the dynamics of her family. With her life being tested from all sides, Lisa must find strength in herself and dig deep to realise what’s truly important.

DI Tony Manning – Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan playing DI Tony Manning ITV

DI Manning, late-40s, is a dedicated, down-to-earth leader. He prides himself in looking out for his officers and leading his team from the front to achieve the best results. In this most challenging of domestic cases, Manning needs to guide his team and lead them through this complex investigation, whilst dealing with the breakdown of his home life.

Used to having his decisions complied with, Manning struggles to accept defeat in his broken marriage and is forced to face the consequences of his actions when his personal life starts to impact on his professional.

DS Med Kharim - Taheen Modak

Ambitious and hardworking, 29-year-old Med has had to step up as lead FLO following Lisa’s demotion. Full of genuine concern for the families he works with, Med strives to perform as best he can but, without Lisa’s experience, he’s still prone to making mistakes.

With a wife and young toddler at home, Med is juggling more than most people in their twenties, and he is keen to find the balance between excelling as a DS and ensuring he’s the best father and husband for his family. In this complex case, Med goes beyond what’s required of him to uncover the truth to seek justice.

Bill Bradwell – James Cosmo

Bill, now in his 70s, is a Morecambe working-class lad made good. A father to Rose and Mark, a successful solicitor whose family law firm expanded due to his dogged perseverance and skill at identifying opportunities. He’s Teflon-coated and whether it’s his family or his business, he has always known best, providing for his kids and expecting their gratitude and loyalty in return.

Recently his sharp mind has started to let him down and the family that he’s given everything to seem all too keen to take advantage of this. His success meant that his children and grandchildren had a life far removed from his humble beginnings and as he enters into retirement, he has to defend his choices.

Stephen Marshbrook – Stephen Tompkinson

Stephen Tomkinson as Stephen Marshbrook in The Bay ITV

Forty-something father of three and inheritor of Bill’s hard work, Stephen is a man with goals. Like Bill, his relationships, whether personal or professional, are there to serve him. He doesn’t like to be challenged and has proven that success for him is getting 9 what he wants.

An opinionated patriarch, he has proved to Bill time and again that he is willing to put work before family and manoeuvred himself between Bill and Mark, Bill’s son, to take over the company. Despite the way he’s fractured the family, his marriage to Rose has endured.

Andy Warren – Joe Absolom

Joe Absolom as Andy Warren in The Bay ITV

Consistently unreliable, Andy has been absent from Lisa and the kids’ lives for nearly a decade, following a series of money troubles and failings as a husband and parent. Now claiming to have turned over a new leaf, Andy has returned with a determination to be a good parent and to rebuild the bridges he’s previously burnt in Morecambe, but this isn’t as easy as he initially thought.

Faced with confusion from Lisa and the kids, Andy musters all the charm he can manage to get them on side, but is unable to win over a protective Penny. Returning at a time when Lisa and the kids are vulnerable, is this the perfect opportunity for him to make amends or to take advantage?

Penny Armstrong – Lindsey Coulson

Following Lisa’s demotion, Penny has had to get used to spending less time with her daughter and grandkids, something she’s been struggling to adjust to. Only last year Lisa relied on Penny for most things and, although she felt overused sometimes, Penny has come to realise that not being needed by them is far worse.

Perceptive and loyal, Penny is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting her family and she has her work cut out when a face from the past returns who seems determined to push her out. Always there for Lisa in a crisis, Penny will refuse to be kept in the dark.

The season two cast also includes:

Abbie Armstrong - Imogen King
Lyn Chee - Wendy Kweh
Ds Alexander Stewart - Simon Manyonda
Frank Mercer - Owen Mcdonnell
Rob Armstrong - Art Parkinson
Mark Bradwell - Steven Robertson
Stella Bradwell - Sunetra Sarker
Rose Marshbrook - Sharon Small
Ellen Manning - Kerrie Taylor
Oliver Marshbrook - Leo Ashton
Cass Hammond - Kelcie Atkinson
Delivery Man - Aleksandar Mikic
Mrs Ollerenshaw - Angela Bain
DC Eddie Martin - Thomas Law

Where is The Bay filmed?

Morven Christie filming on location in Morecambe for The Bay ITV

The show is filmed on location in Morecambe and the seaside town has a big role to play in the show’s story.

“The Bay itself has definitely become one of the main characters in the show,” said producer Alexander Lamb.

“It's really beautiful and has some of the best sunsets I've ever seen in the world. But it also has this mysterious quality.

“The water changing on the bay day by day, hour by hour, can make it feel treacherous and a bit scary, reflecting the unknown. This is what our stories are about, mysteries lurking beneath the surface and unfolding as we continue through the series.”

Morven Christie said: “Morecambe Bay itself is vast, but each little section of it is completely different. Sometimes you'll go down there and the tide is miles and miles out, and it’s just mudflats and quicksand, almost all the way across to the Lake District.

“Then other times the tide can come in, in minutes; it happens so fast that it catches you unawares. There are bits where it looks rocky, but once you get down onto it, it's hunks of mud. Visually it can go from these beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the water, to these moments where it looks like it’s closing in on you.

“It’s quite powerful in terms of imagery. It definitely changes the mood of the town. There’s a scene we shot on the prom; it was really sunny and it felt like it was a festival in the middle of summer and everybody was out. Then two days later it was freezing and foggy which made it suddenly feel like a different town. That feeds the spirit of the place; it feeds the spirit of the stories really well.”

What is the theme tune to The Bay and who sings it?

Shot or Morecambe Bay in The Bay season 1 ITV

The Bay theme tune was created by British composer Samuel Sim.

He wrote and produced other film and TV scores including The Victim, Netflix’s The Dark Crystal, Innocent, The Halycon, and Home Fires.

Watch The Bay from Wednesday, January 20 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

Catch up with season 1 on BritBox.

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