The Flight Attendant season 2: What is the Sky Max UK release date? Who are the cast? Catch up on the story so far in Kaley Cuoco thriller

Kaley Cuoco returns as Cassie for The Flight Attendant season 2. Find out the UK release date on Sky Max on NOW, cast details, and everything you need to know about the thriller.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 17 May 2022 - 5.15pm
Kaley Cuoco as Cassie in The Flight Attendant season 2

Stream every episode of The Flight Attendant on Sky Max with NOW from 26 May.

The Flight Attendant season 2 touches down in the UK in May on Sky Max and NOW.

Kaley Cuoco gave a career-best turn in season 1 as alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden, picking up Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her fizzing, high-energy performance.

Season 2 picks up directly after the first as Cassie finds herself continuing with her role as a flight attendant, but with a new sideline as an asset for the CIA.

There is one major new addition to the cast and a shift of location from New York to California, but the DNA of The Flight Attendant season 1 remains the same.

US fans and critics are already raving about the new episodes and there isn’t long to wait for the twist-and-turn-stuffed globetrotting murder mystery to land in the UK.

Here is everything you need to know about The Flight Attendant season 2…

When does The Flight Attendant season 2 start in the UK?

Stream every episode of The Flight Attendant on Sky Max with NOW from 26 May.

Season 1 is available to stream now.

The Flight Attendant season 2 cast list

Returning cast members

  • Kaley Cuoco – Flight attendant Cassie Bowden
  • Rosie Perez – Cassie’s friend and co-worker Megan Briscoe
  • Zosia Mamet – Cassie’s best friend Annie
  • Deniz Akdeniz – Annie’s boyfriend Max
  • Griffin Matthews – Cassie’s co-worker Shane
  • Yasha Jackson – Cassie’s co-worker Jada
  • TR Knight – Cassie’s brother Davey
  • Audrey Grace Marshall – Young Cassie

New for season 2

  • Sharon Stone – Cassie’s mum Lisa Bowden
  • Mo McRae (Rebel, Sons of Anarchy) – Benjamin Berry
  • Callie Hernandez (Alien Covenant, La La Land) – Gabrielle Diaz
  • JJ Soria (Gentefied, Animal Kingdom) - Esteban Diaz

Season 2 guest stars

  • Alanna Ubach (Euphoria, Bombshell) as Carol Atkinson
  • Cherly Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Suburgatory) as Dot Karlson
  • Jessie Ennis (Mythic Quest, Better Call Saul) as Jenny
  • Mae Martin (Feel Good) as Grace St. James
  • Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva) as Utada
  • Santiago Cabrera (Star Trek: Picard, Big Little Lies) as Marco
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo (The Expanse, 24) as Brenda

Who is playing Cassie’s mum in The Flight Attendant season 2

In the biggest bit of cast news, Sharon Stone (Casino, Basic Instinct) joins the show as Cassie’s estranged mother, Lisa Bowden.

We only saw Lisa in flashbacks during season 1, when the storyline focused on Cassie’s relationship with her alcoholic father.

Cassie’s relationship with her mum will be a new focus for season 2.

What will happen in The Flight Attendant season 2?

We don’t want to spoil anything, because season 2 takes viewers on a similar twist-and-turn thrill ride to season 1.

However, we can reveal that Cassie has moved from New York to Los Angeles and is still sober after the dramatic conclusion to season 1.

She has taken up the CIA job offer as secret asset, moonlighting in her spare time. But during an overseas trip, she witnesses a murder and finds herself tangled up in another high-stakes international mystery.

Season 2 finds Cassie travelling around Los Angeles, Berlin and Reykjavik.

Watch The Flight Attendant season 2 trailer

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What is The Flight Attendant theme music?

One of the many great things in The Flight Attendant season 1 was its memorable soundtrack and opening theme tune.

The hypnotic Hitchcockian main title sequence even won the show an Emmy.

Blake Neely is the composer for the series. His previous TV work includes Blindspot, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Tom Hanks movie Greyhound.

The Flight Attendant showrunner Steve Yockey claimed Neely’s soundtrack was an essential part of the show’s success, perfectly capturing the mood and energy of the show.

What happened in The Flight Attendant season 1?

If you haven’t caught up yet, The Flight Attendant season 1 is available to stream now on Sky Max and NOW.

If you just want a quick reminder… SPOILER ALERT… keep reading.

In The Flight Attendant season 1, Cassie met a tall, handsome stranger called Alex on a flight to Bangkok. When she wakes up the next morning with very little memory of the last evening, Alex is lying dead next to her, covered in blood.

Cassie makes a quick exit, tries to cover her tracks and get back to the US, but the FBI bring her in for questioning and quickly pin her down as the main suspect.

To clear her name, Cassie does her own digging into Alex’s life and death with the help of her best friend and hot-shot lawyer Annie, who has experience of working with organised criminals. Cassie has to contend with the FBI tracking her and with the attentions of a mysterious woman called Miranda who Cassie suspects is Alex’s killer.

After many twists and turns, Cassie teams up with hired-killer Miranda to take down Alex’s real murderer – a hired hitman called Felix. Felix has been following Cassie since the original flight, even becoming her boyfriend under the name Buckley.

Feel Good star Mae Martin in The Flight Attendant season 2

Buckley/Felix tries to kill Cassie in her hotel room, but she is saved by her co-worker Shane, who reveals he is a covert CIA agent.

Miranda miraculously survives and escapes with all Alex’s money, while Cassie returns to her day job, but is offered a gig as a secret CIA asset.

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How can I watch The Flight Attendant in the UK?

UK viewers can stream every episode of The Flight Attendant season 2 from 26 May on Sky Max with NOW.

Watch The Flight Attendant season 1 now on Sky Max with NOW.

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