The Gold Season 2: Will gripping true-crime drama return for another series on BBC One?

The second series would likely explore the life of Charlie Wilson, one of the Great Train Robbers, who was involved in money laundering cash made from the sale of the stolen gold bullion.

By Sophia Moir Published: 17 March 2023 - 8.34pm
BBC The Gold team of detectives

The Gold season 1 might have come to an end on BBC One, but a follow-up may be on the way following the finale's huge plot twist.

The gripping first series portrayed the iconic true story and the chain of events that followed the £26m Brink’s-Mat robbery in 1983.

What started as 'a typical Old Kent Road armed robbery', according to detectives at the time, became a seminal event in British criminal history.

Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Tom Cullen and Dominic Cooper all led the season 1 cast - and it’s hoped they’d all return for a follow-up, which would pick up the story several years after the events of the first series.

Here, we reveal everything we know so far about The Gold season 2, including the rumoured release date, plot, cast and trailer.

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What is The Gold season 2 release date?

A release date for The Gold season 2 has yet to be confirmed.

In fact, the BBC has yet to re-commission the series, although a source tells The Sun that the channel has “firm plans to make a follow-up”.

Speaking to about a possible second series, the show’s creator Neil Forsyth said: “There is certainly still a story to tell, so we will have to see what happens.

“For now, I’m just delighted with the reception that this series has received.”

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Who’s in The Gold season 2 cast?

The Gold season 2 cast has yet to be confirmed, but we assume the following cast and characters will return:

  • Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Paddington 1 and 2) - DCI Brian Boyce

  • Charlotte Spencer (Line of Duty, Sanditon) - Detective Nicki Jennings

  • Emun Elliott (Guilt, Old) - Detective Tony Brightwell

  • Daniel Ings (I Hate Suzie) - Archie Osborne

  • Dominic Cooper (Preacher, The Devil’s Double) - Edwyn Cooper

  • Sean Harris (Southcliffe, Mission: Impossible) - Gordon Parry

  • Jack Lowden (Small Axe: Mangrove, Slow Horses) - Kenneth Noye

  • Tom Cullen (Becoming Elizabeth, Black Mirror) - John Palmer

  • Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl) - Micky McAvoy

The role of Charlie Wilson, a key player in the Great Train Robbery and Brinks Mat heist, would also need to be cast.

The Gold Kenneth Noye played by Jack Lowden BBC

What is The Gold season 2 plot?

The Gold season 2 plot has yet to be revealed, but it’s thought to follow even more characters who were involved in the original crime.

According to The Sun, the second series is likely to explore the life of Charlie Wilson, one of the participants in the infamous Great Train Robbery of 1963. 

He was involved in money laundering cash made from the sale of the stolen Brink's-Mat gold.

Expect to see more of Kenneth Noye (Jack Lowden) and John Palmer (Tom Cullen) whose stories continue long after the season 1 ending.

How did The Gold season 1 end?

The Gold season 1 finale revealed a huge twist, as the detectives discovered that the gold bullion had been split in half at the start of the robbery.

So the police had only been hunting down half of the amount taken by the robbers - and still needed to track down the other half of the stolen gold.

Who created The Gold?

The Gold was written and created by Neil Forsyth (Guilt).

Is there a trailer for The Gold season 2?

No, there is not a trailer for The Gold season 2, but we’ll update this article when there is.

Catch up on The Gold season 1 on BBC iPlayer.

A release date for The Gold season 2 has yet to be confirmed.