The Rising: Supernatural thriller sees victim return from the dead to solve her own murder

A whodunnit with a difference sees a young murder victim turn detective as she returns to the heart of her isolated community to investigate who killed her – and why.

By Katie Archer Published: 22 April 2022 - 3.23pm
The Rising
Stream every episode of The Rising on Sky Max with NOW from 22 April.

The crime drama genre gets a novel twist in The Rising, a new drama series heading for Sky Max and NOW that turns the traditional manhunt on its head.

Adapted from Belgian supernatural crime thriller Hotel Beau Sejour, The Rising - the first project to be made entirely in-house at Sky Studios - guarantees a gripping plot and presents a totally unique way of finding out who is responsible for a murder.

You won’t have seen anything quite like it before - here’s all you need to know about The Rising.

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What is the plot of The Rising?

Clara Rugaard in The Rising

The eight-part murder mystery follows Neve Kelly, who emerges from the waters of a lake and returns home to find that she has been reported missing. When she realises she's dead, she is scared and confused; When she finds out she was murdered, Neve is furious.

When it becomes obvious that she was killed by someone she knows, Neve makes it her mission to find her killer and get justice by taking advantage of her new supernatural abilities to go where the police can’t and investigate her own death.

Of course, the police and her loved ones are looking for answers at the same time, but Neve can fill in the gaps for viewers on all the details about her recently ended life that could lead to the unmasking of the culprit.

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Taking stock of her short life, Neve in particular regrets never having left her isolated community; in death she finds a pastime in disrupting the lives of those around her including her estranged father Tom and her beloved mother Maria.

As she guides us through her murder investigation and buried secrets come to light, she’s forced to reconsider everything about her life and the people who were in it.

However, her return also forces those she knew to change, confess, or cover their tracks. She also discovers that there are others out there just like her.

The series is a story of love, justice, and the cost of unearthing the truth when there is every reason to keep it hidden.

Is there a trailer?

There is. Get a sense of Neve’s frightening predicament by watching the trailer below.

Who stars in The Rising?

Matthew McNulty in The Rising

This new series stars a fresh young cast including Clara Rugaard (I Am Mother) as murder victim Neve.

Nenda Neururer (A Brief History of Struggle) plays Alex Wyatt who has recently returned to the area after three years away and Solly McLeod (Boxing Day) is Joseph Wyatt, Alex’s cousin and Neve’s boyfriend.

Matthew McNulty (The Bay, above) and Emily Taaffe (Rare Beasts) play Neve’s parents Tom and Maria.

Alex Lanipekun (Spooks) and Robyn Cara (Ackley Bridge) are also set to star.

Where is The Rising filmed?

The Rising was filmed in the Lake District in the late spring and summer of 2021.

When is The Rising on TV?

Stream every episode of The Rising on Sky Max with NOW from 22 April.