The Suspect on ITV: When is the 2022 Aidan Turner thriller released? Who is in the cast? Is it a true story? All you need to know

Poldark’s Aidan Turner stars as psychologist turned murder suspect Dr Joseph O’Loughlin in ITV’s adaptation of Michael Robotham novel The Suspect.

By Alex Fletcher Updated: 26 August 2022 - 12.35pm
ITV Aidan Turner in The Suspect on ITV - First look

Highly anticipated thriller The Suspect, starring Poldark’s Aidan Turner, is coming this August to ITV.

An adaptation of Michael Robotham’s best-selling novel, The Suspect is a classic nail-biting, psychological drama, from the producers of Line of Duty and Vigil.

Packed with twists, this tense series focuses on the story of clinical psychologist Dr Joseph O’Loughlin (Turner), whose perfect life suddenly begins to fall apart when he finds himself at the centre of a murder case.

An unmissable autumn drama, the book has been adapted for the screen by Peter Berry (Gangs of London).

Here is everything you need to know about The Suspect…

When is The Suspect released on ITV?

The Suspect starts on ITV on Monday 29 August at 9pm. Each episode will be available on the ITV Hub immediately after broadcast.

What is The Suspect about?

The series introduces Doctor Joe O’Loughlin, played by Aidan Turner, who appears to have the perfect life – a devoted wife, a loving daughter, a successful practice as a clinical psychologist, a healthy media profile and a lucrative publishing deal. He’s even a hero online after rescuing a young patient who was ready to jump from the 10th floor of the hospital where Joe works.

When a young woman is found in a shallow grave in a West London cemetery, veteran police officer DI Vincent Ruiz (Shaun Parkes) and his young partner DS Riya Devi (Anjli Mohindra) are assigned to the investigation. But is this a case of suicide or has the young woman been murdered?

As a successful author, Doctor Joe’s opinion is much sought after and when he meets DS Devi he’s only too willing to offer help with profiling and his expertise.

Aidan Turner ITV

Now known for his risk-taking and rule-breaking, does Joe have more to hide? His recent diagnosis with a debilitating illness could explain his behaviour. But as the investigation into Catherine’s death gathers pace, we start to wonder whether we know the real Joe or does he have a secret life? And has his work as a clinical psychologist prompted him to develop a criminal mindset - or worse?

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How many episodes of The Suspect will there be?

The Suspect is a five-episode thriller.

Who is in The Suspect 2022 cast?

Aidan Turner, Shaun Parkes and Anjli Mohindra at the premiere of The Suspect ITV
  • Aidan Turner (Poldark, Leonardo, The Hobbit Trilogy) - Plays Dr Joe O'Loughlin
  • Shaun Parkes (Small Axe) - Plays DI Ruiz
  • Anjli Mohindra (The Lazarus Project, Vigil, Bodyguard) - Plays DS Devi
  • Sian Clifford (Quiz, Fleabag)
  • Camilla Beeput (Save Me (Too), Peep Show)
  • Adam James (Vigil, Doctor Foster)
  • Bobby Schofield (Anne, Time)
  • Bronagh Waugh (The Fall, Ridley, Hollyoaks)
  • Angela Griffin (Cutting It, White Lines)

Aidan Turner leads an impressive cast for the 2022 adaptation. “I am thrilled to be taking on the complex and demanding role of Joseph O’Loughlin, a man with so much to give but so much to lose, and a hidden darker side," he said.

Author Michael Robotham described Aidan Turner as “an inspired choice” to play the lead character of Joe O’Loughlin.

“I could not be in safer hands,” said the crime writer.

Writer Peter Berry said: "We needed an actor to draw an audience in, Joe had to be someone they wanted to be with. Magnetic, handsome, complex, with a voice you could listen to all day long. That’s Aidan.

"So from the start the audience would buy into the idea that Joe could never be a murderer - then we needed to turn that around, for the audience to see Joe as manipulative, cunning, a dangerous monster. Then to switch it back again.

"Are we watching a brilliant clinical psychologist being framed for a heinous crime or is he using his insight into human nature to get away with murder? And perhaps it’s more than one murder."

Who are the creators of The Suspect?

The Suspect is made by World Productions – the team famous for creating hit series Line of Duty and Vigil.

The creative team behind the ITV drama series include:

Screenwriter: Peter Berry (Gangs of London)
Director: James Strong (Vigil, Liar, Broadchurch)
Executive Producer: Jake Lushington (Vigil, Born to Kill)

“Bringing The Suspect to the screen has been a fantastic and fascinating journey,” said writer Peter Berry.

“I hope the audience will find it equally enthralling as they delve the depths of a truly iconic character caught up in a story that will test his faith in his profession, his family and himself.”

What is the book The Suspect is based on?

First look at ITV drama The Suspect ITV

The Suspect was the debut novel of Michael Robotham, the highly regarded best-selling fiction writer whose novels have been translated into 25 languages and topped best-seller lists around the world.

Michael is also one of only five writers, including John Le Carre and Ruth Rendell, to twice win the UK Gold Dagger Award for best crime novel. 

The Suspect, which was published in 2004, is the first book in the Joseph O'Loughlin series.

All the Joseph O'Loughlin books:

  • The Suspect
  • Lost
  • Shatter
  • Bleed For Me
  • The Wreckage
  • Say You're Sorry
  • Watching You
  • Close Your Eyes
  • The Other Wife

Is The Suspect a true story?

The Suspect is not based on a true story. The series is based on the popular novel by Michael Robotham.

Where was The Suspect filmed?

The Suspect was filmed on location in London during the autumn of 2021.

Director James Strong said: "For me, the chance to shoot contemporary London was a joy. I’ve wanted to do that for a few years. I thought there was a different way of doing it that was still cinematic and had scale.

"We also wanted London to be a character in the piece. To be shown off in all its glory - and it looks amazing.

"A lot of the aerial drone shots are around London Bridge. So you hover above the railway station and the trains coming in and out are like eels or snakes. It reminded me of those images of the neurons in the brain. It had a visual landscape that I liked.

"While other scenes were filmed in the King’s Cross area - with more train images. Also showing the London of today. I hadn’t seen the new redeveloped King’s Cross shot from the air. So it’s the London of now. It’s not the Houses of Parliament, the heritage, tourist London. It’s the modern cityscape which is ever changing, vibrant and extraordinary."

He added: "London also gives us a certain scale. But the challenges of filming in the capital are still there. It is difficult. But you just have to be really organised and clear about what you are doing. And it is well worth it.

"Our police station location is amazing with views across to both The Shard and London Bridge. You spend the whole day looking out of the windows. It was a stunning location and worth the effort. Our location manager David Colenutt was amazing. He got us into some fantastic places"

The drama is produced by Natasha Romaniuk (Angela Black, The Split) and the first three episodes are directed by Strong (Vigil, Liar, Broadchurch).

Episodes 4-5 are directed by Camilla Strøm Henriksen (Phoenix, Occupied S3, The Truth Will Out S2).

The Suspect starts on ITV on Monday 29 August at 9pm. Each episode will be available on the ITV Hub immediately after broadcast.