The Undoing: Nicole Kidman’s coat, Hugh Grant’s smirks and why everyone is talking about the HBO and Sky Atlantic thrill ride

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s gripping psychological thriller The Undoing ended this week with a head-spinning finale that finally revealed the identity of the mysterious killer.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 30 November 2020 - 6.51pm
Nicole Kidman as Grace in The Undoing
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Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s gripping psychological thriller The Undoing ended this week with a head-spinning grand finale that finally revealed the identity of the show’s mysterious killer.

The series has been a huge hit on Sky Atlantic, with nearly three million people watching the spectacular opening episode - making it even bigger than the launch of Game of Thrones.

Fans have become addicted to guessing who killed Elena Alvez with a long line of possible suspects alongside Kidman and Grant’s wealthy New York couple Grace and Jonathan.

Here are three reasons why everyone is talking about The Undoing as one of the best TV shows of 2020….

1. Who killed Elena Alvez? The biggest TV mystery of 2020?

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman as married New York couple Grace and Jonathan in The Undoing

Although we’ll often pretend that we love TV dramas for their grit, realism and the stories that convey powerful messages about the world around us, sometimes we’re just a sucker for a massive whodunit.

The Undoing drips glamour and the cast is pure class from top to bottom, but the primary reason viewers have fallen for the show is the central mystery - who violently clubbed school mum Elena Alvez to death?

It’s a classic set-up with a scorned husband, an illicit romantic partner, a shifty older relative with means and a young child with a motive among the long list of suspects. They all give the perfect amount of side-eye and lingering suspicious looks into the distance to keep us guessing.

Grace and Elena share an intimate moment in The Undoing

And the mastermind behind it all is writer David E Kelley, who previously teamed with Nicole Kidman on Big Little Lies. Kelley’s script and pacing over the six episodes is perfect, slowly unravelling the lavishly wealthy New York couple Grace and Jonathan and serving up rug-pulling twists at just the right moment.

Nicole Kidman, her wardrobe, and the jaw-dropping cast

From singing the opening theme to the eye-catching coat and dress collection that has sparked hundreds of fashion profile features, Nicole Kidman is utterly mesmerising as series lead Grace.

It takes an actor of immense talent to bring balance to Grace as she carries the weight of the show’s melodrama. Kidman manages to elicit sympathy while also bringing just enough doubt and darkness behind the eyes that suggest all might not be quite what it seems.

Nicole Kidman as Grace in The Undoing, wearing her famous green coat from the series

While it’s Kidman’s killer wardrobe that has got the most column inches and discussion on Reddit and Twitter, the full cast are all worthy of high praise.

Noah Jupe is a revelation as the confused and conflicted son Henry, Donald Sutherland offers a masterclass in doing very little but managing to remain highly suspicious, while Sofie Gråbøl and Noma Dumezweni steal the final episode as the clashing legal teams duking it out in the courtroom.

The Hugh-naissance - Hugh Grant’s golden era continues

Hugh Grant as Jonathan in The Undoing

Who would have guessed that all it would take to transform Hugh Grant’s career would be a meeting with a marmalade-loving bear from Peru.

Since starring in the Paddington sequel, a performance brimming with charm, wit and delicious humour, Grant has been on a roll.

First came A Very English Scandal, in which Grant played Jeremy Thorpe in the political drama and earned himself Emmy, Golden Globe and Bafta nominations.

Grant’s run of success continues in The Undoing, where he hammers the final nail in the coffin of his old typecasting as the bumbling, romantic lead.

Flicking between roguish humour and dark scowls, Grant keeps the audience on their toes about the true state of Jonathan’s mind and personality right to the very last.

Whether he’s guilty or not, it’s safe to say we’ll never watch that Love Actually dance sequence in the same way again.

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