The Wilds season 2: What happens next in Amazon Prime's hit castaway drama?

Desperate to find out where The Wilds is heading after the gripping first season? Find out what we know so far about the season 2 storyline and meet some brand new cast members.

By Becky Gamester-Newton Published: 29 April 2022 - 11.52am
Amazon Prime Video The new male cast of The Wilds season 2 on a beach

The Wilds was a big hit on Amazon Prime Video at the end of 2020, with a gripping, mysterious plot and dazzling performances from a largely-unknown cast.

So fans were thrilled when a second season was announced – particularly as there’s so much more to be explained.

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Why you should watch The Wilds

What happened in The Wilds season 1?

*Warning: Huge season 1 spoilers ahead*

5 big questions we need answering from The Wilds season 1

Season 1 took us on a real rollercoaster, starting with a group of women waking up stranded on a mysterious island. They thought they were on their way to a women’s retreat called the Dawn of Eve when their plane seemingly crashed, resulting in their new existence.

However, it turned out the whole thing was engineered and they were actually drugged before being placed on the island.

There were two moles who was in the know – Nora and Jeanette. Jeanette suffered internal bleeding and died, with the rest of the islanders unaware of her knowledge, while Nora’s truth wasn’t revealed until the end.

Actor Helena Howard as her character Nora in The Wilds Amazon Prime Video

Even the group’s parents were blissfully unaware of the stunt and thought they were sending their daughters to a place where they could heal their individual traumas and problems.

At the end of the series, most of the girls were in a bunker with people they believe to be investigators. However Leah and Shelby discovered the truth – and the series ended with them discovering footage of the Twilight of Adam, which seems to be an identical experiment involving young men. Which brings us on to season 2…

What is The Wilds season 2 about?

We know that season 2 will focus on this new group of boys, as well as the girls who’ve already been through their ordeal.

This group of male survivors also find themselves in the same perilous situation, and will navigate their own traumas through the ordeal.

The girls will also feature in season 2, suggesting that we’ll find out what happens to them in the bunker.

The Wilds season 2 cast

The female cast of The Wilds on a beach Amazon Prime Video

Rachel Griffiths (Gretchen), David Sullivan (Daniel), Troy Winbush (Dean), Sophia Ali (Fatin), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah), Jenna Clause (Martha), Erana James (Toni), Mia Healey (Shelby), Helena Howard (Nora), Reign Edwards (Rachel) and Shannon Berry (Dot) will all return for season 2.

The new male cast members and their characters have also been confirmed.

Zack Calderon plays Rafael Garcia, a quiet teenager from Tijuana who lives in San Diego.

Aidan Laprete’s character is Henry Tanaka, a recluse who tends to lose himself in the darkness of the world.

Nicholas Coombe plays the talkative Josh Herbert who is also from San Diego. A hypochondriac, Josh is awkward and nervous – unlike his athletic family.

Charles Alexander’s on-screen alter-ego is Kirin O’Conner, an impatient lacrosse player who’s more than happy to take the lead among the castaways.

Miles Guttierez-Riley takes on the role of Ivan Taylor, an activist who’s an aspiring playwright with a sharp wit – often at the expense of others.

Reed Shannon plays Scotty Simms, an ambitious entrepreneur from Florida, while Tanner Ray Rook plays Scotty’s softly-spoken friend Bo who has a naïve outlook on life.

Alex Fitzalan is Seth Novak, who’s both funny and hugely intelligent and easily gains the respect of others.

The Wilds season 2 release date

We don’t yet know when The Wilds season 2 will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, but it seems they began filming in April 2021 with a rumoured release of sometime in 2022.

We’ll update this page as soon as we know more.

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