Period drama fans eagerly awaiting the release of Sanditon Season 3 may want to add ITV’s new sumptuous romantic drama set in 1700s England to their watchlist.

Tom Jones is a new, four-part adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel, giving a new twist to the tale of an illegitimate young man’s love for a beautiful heiress. 

The ITV period drama stars Solly McLeod (House of the Dragon) and Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me), alongside Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso, Sex Education) ahead of her turn as Eurovision 2023 co-host.

Here, we reveal everything we know so far about Tom Jones, including the release date on ITV, plot, cast and trailer.

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When is the Tom Jones release date?

Tom Jones premieres in the UK on streaming service ITVX on Thursday 4 May.

It consists of four episodes.

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Who’s in the Tom Jones cast?

  • Tom Jones - Solly McLeod

  • Sophia Western - Sophie Wilde

  • Lady Bellaston - Hannah Waddingham

  • Squire Allworthy - James Fleet

  • Squire Western - Alun Armstrong

  • Aunt Western - Shirley Henderson

  • Aunt Bridget - Felicity Montagu

  • Partridge - Daniel Rigby

  • Honour - Pearl Mackie

  • Blifil - James Wilbraham

  • Mrs Wilkins - Janine Duvitski

  • Black George - Dean Lennox Kelly

  • Molly - Lucy Fallon

  • Aunt Harriet - Tamzin Merchant

  • Mrs Waters - Susannah Fielding

  • Fitzpatrick - Julian Rhind-Tutt

SOLLY MCLEOD as Tom Jones and SOPHIE WILDE as Sophia Western in Tom Jones Mammoth Screen for ITV/ITVX

Solly McLeod (The Rising, House of the Dragon) stars as the hero Tom, alongside Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me) as the heroine Sophia Western and Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso, Sex Education) as the seductive and vengeful Lady Bellaston. 

Also starring are James Fleet (Bridgerton) as Squire Allworthy, Tom’s warm-hearted adoptive father; Alun Armstrong (Breeders) as Squire Western, Sophia’s hard drinking but loving grandfather, and Shirley Henderson (Happy Valley) as Sophia’s Aunt Western. 

Tamzin Merchant (Carnival Row) is Sophia’s Aunt Harriet, with Julian Rhind-Tutt (Britannia) as her bellicose husband Fitzpatrick. 

Susannah Fielding (This Time with Alan Partridge) is Mrs. Waters. BAFTA-winner Daniel Rigby (Black Mirror) is the disgraced schoolteacher Partridge, who befriends Tom on his journey; James Wilbraham (In My Skin) is Tom’s bitter cousin Blifil.

Felicity Montagu (The Durrells) plays Blifil's mother Bridget Allworthy, a devoted aunt to Tom, and Janine Duvitski (Benidorm) is Mrs. Wilkins, Allworthy’s testy housekeeper. 

Dean Lennox Kelly (Jamestown) is poacher-turned gamekeeper Black George and NTA winner Lucy Fallon (Coronation Street) is his daughter Molly, who charms young Tom.

What is the Tom Jones plot?

Abandoned as a baby, rescued and adopted by a country gentleman called Squire Allworthy, Tom grows up kind, handsome, free-spirited, and very popular with the ladies. 

But he cannot escape his lowly birth. So when he falls in love with wealthy heiress Sophia Western, and she falls in love with him, their families unite against the match. 

Tom is banished in disgrace, and Sophia runs aways from home to escape a forced marriage to William Blifil, the heir to Paradise Hall. 

Sophia is prepared to give up everything for Tom – until she learns that he seems quite unable to say no to a series of adventurous flings with other women along the way. 

Eventually, they both end up in London, facing the wiles and whims of Sophia’s aunt, the beguiling but dangerous Lady Bellaston, who will stop at nothing to destroy their love. 

Sophia quickly learns that the life of a young woman in London’s high society can be cruel and dangerous.

Can Tom ever convince Sophia that he can be true to her? Can love really conquer all?

HANNAH WADDINGHAM as Lady Bellaston in Tom Jones Mammoth Screen for ITV/ITVX

Who created Tom Jones?

Tom Jones is based on Henry Fielding’s classic novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, often known simply as Tom Jones, which has delighted and scandalised readers since it was originally published in 1749.

This new TV adaptation is written by Gwyneth Hughes (Vanity Fair, Miss Austen Regrets, Honour).

Tom Jones is directed by Georgia Parris (Mari).

It’s made by Mammoth Screen (Endeavour, Poldark, World on Fire, Victoria).

In 1997, a TV adaptation with Max Beesley in the title role of Tom Jones was broadcast on the BBC.

Is there a trailer for Tom Jones?

Yes, you can watch the full-length trailer for Tom Jones at the top of this page.


Stream Tom Jones on ITVX from Thursday 4 May.

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