Treason: 3 reasons to watch the Netflix and Charlie Cox spy thriller on Boxing Day

Matt Charman, creator of Netflix’s new spy thriller Treason, reveals why this twist-filled drama is a must-watch on Boxing Day.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 16 December 2022 - 1.13pm

When you've got nothing left to eat but turkey sandwiches and the sweets no-one likes at the bottom of the tin, you’re going to need some great TV to watch on Boxing Day.

New Netflix spy drama Treason, starring Daredevil star Charlie Cox, is the perfect nail-biting, twist-filled thriller to rescue you from a Christmas Day comedown.

Featuring an incredible cast including Ciaran Hinds and Olga Kurylenko, a puzzle box central mystery and heart-pounding action, Treason serves up five episodes of psychological and physical action that you’ll struggle not to watch in a single sitting.

Ahead of the show’s release on December 26 on Netflix, we heard from the show’s creator and writer Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies) and found out three reasons to be excited about this MI6 spooks drama...

1. It mixes the best of British tension with all-American action


"I wanted to take the best things from the British spy genre and also how Americans do these things as well," said Matt Charman.

"[The British] do the chess match, the cerebral, really well.

"But the Americans do more of the mess and the beating heart. With things like Jason Bourne and the reason that series was so successful, you were desperate for him to find the truth and desperate for him to get justice for the woman he loved.

"That combination of the British head and the American heart is what I was aiming for."

2. Charlie Cox! Oona Chaplin! Olga Kurylenko! It’s got an incredible cast


“What I really liked about casting Charlie Cox is that he felt super relatable. He’s like any other dad and husband with a good job – you wouldn’t know what he does for a job," Charman explained on the choice of leading man.

"I wanted Adam to feel that way; I wanted him to feel like someone you might have gone to university with or who you might have bumped into in a supermarket or a book shop. He had to feel real and relatable and fallible, and that was my starting point for him."


“I think Olga is brilliant. You look at her in Quantum of Solace and then again in Death of Stalin and that is the breadth of her talent. I was really keen that this could be a role for both things. We get the physicality and action, but we also get the beating heart, the loneliness and the drive to her that exists in the quieter moments.”


“Oona is one of those actors who every single day on set is so energised, so alive and so instinctive, as a writer, you want to give her more. She’s an untapped resource and I would write for her forever," said Charman.

She’s alive to everything and she burns so brightly in scenes. She wants to try everything. The journey of her character is the closest to the audience in some senses. She’s pulled into something she doesn’t understand and must get active and has to do something. She is compelling.”

3. You can’t trust anybody

“A lot of that comes from the necessity of the genre to keep you guessing. A spy drama should be a puzzle box.

“It should also be more than just in your head, it should make you question how you feel about a character.

“How do events change what happened before and how can we keep characters alive to shifting sands.  I wanted nobody to be perfect or unimpeachable. 


"For me the thrill of this was always in crafting a family drama wrapped in a spy show and there aren’t a huge amount of reference points for that.

"Normally spies are singular creatures and family dramas happen outside the spy world, so colliding those two ideas together immediately made it feel fresh. It felt like newer territory."

Watch Treason on Netflix from Boxing Day.