Trigger Point: Reviews, cast, trailer for ITV bomb thriller starring Vicky McClure

Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester are cast as bomb disposal operatives in tense ITV thriller for 2022, Trigger Point, produced by Jed Mercurio's HTM Television. Here's what we know so far.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 22 February 2022 - 10.29am
ITV Vicky McClure looking underneath a car for a bomb in Trigger Point

Throw together Jed ‘Line of Duty’ Mercurio, Vicky McClure and a 2022 drama about the terrifying work of police bomb disposal squads and you must have TV gold on your hands.

Trigger Point, which concludes its episodes this Sunday, is a tense thriller about the work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad during a summer bombing campaign.

Here is everything you need to know about Trigger Point, including the cast, plot, trailer, and how many episodes there are to watch.

Interview: Vicky McClure talks Trigger Point


Vicky McClure answers seven burning questions about Trigger Point - including what attracted her to the script, whether she did her own stunts, and whether her Line of Duty co-stars got FOMO about not appearing in the show…

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When is Trigger Point airing on ITV?

Trigger Point begins at 9pm on Sunday, January 23, on ITV and airs Sunday evenings at the same time each week.

How many episodes of Trigger Point are there?

Trigger Point consists of six, one-hour episodes. The final episode will air Sunday 27th February at 9pm on ITV. Catch up on all the episodes on the ITV Hub.

Will there be a season 2 of Trigger Point?

Trigger Point season 2 has not been commissioned by ITV, but we will update this page when we know more.


What is Trigger Point?

With the backdrop of counter-terrorism policing and the work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad in contemporary London, the series follows the ‘Expo’ officers who risk their lives by walking towards danger.

Lana Washington (Vicky McClure) is an experienced bomb disposal operative. Reckless and out of control, Lana is ex-military and pushed to breaking point dealing with a series of improvised explosive devices which threaten the capital during a summer terrorist campaign.  

Under extreme pressure and searching for answers, Lana can’t help but become suspicious that the bomber is deliberately targeting her unit.  It’s a terrifying thought, but against all odds how can she prove it and discover the bomber’s real identity? 

Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester) works alongside her and is also ex-military. The pair are close, having served together in Afghanistan.

Who's in the Trigger Point cast?

Vicky McClure leads the cast as bomb disposal operative, Lana Washington. She says she's 'not concerned' about comparisons between Lana and her character in Line of Duty, Kate Fleming.

"I'm not concerned, in as much as that's what actors do. I've fallen into the genre. We never expected Line Of Duty to do what it's done, and I can't be worried about taking roles that might feel in a similar vein because of that," she says.

"I look at Lana and Kate and don't see them as the same people. Lana looks very different and her personality is very different as well. But people love Line Of Duty, and if there are any comparisons, that might not be a bad thing.

"They are both very strong, very brave and very committed women, but that's the kind of role I love to take. If I read the script, I want to play the male role because that's the strong, committed one. I'm always going to be drawn to that."


McClure also insisted on wearing a real bomb disposal officer's uniform during filming for authenticity. 

She recalls: "I wanted to do it because it felt right and more authentic. It's an incredible piece of kit. These tubes run through it, pumping in air conditioning because no matter where you are, it's going to be hot. 

"The helmet is also absolutely huge. It weighs the same as I do! Wearing an actual uniform was no big deal, but I wanted to do it for real."

McClure is, of course, best known for playing Kate Fleming in Line of Duty. She’s also starred in Broadchurch, This Is England, The Replacement, Prime Video thriller Alex Rider and Channel 4’s I Am Nicola.

She also presented the BBC documentary Our Dementia Choir in 2018.


Adrian Lester stars opposite McClure as Joel Nutkins. Also speaking at the show's press launch, Lester says that Mercurio's scripts keep viewers on their toes.

He says: "One of the fun things is that people don't know what will happen next. The script keeps the audience on their toes, drip feeds them information ‑ as all good thrillers should ‑ and stays one step ahead of them. You have to truly believe in the threat that your main characters are facing ‑ otherwise it's boring.

"You definitely have that in Jed's shows. You don't know what's going on. It's a world we're not used to seeing. You have the feeling that something bad could happen to someone at any point."

Lester is best known for playing Mickey Stone in Hustle and has also starred in Bonekickers, London Spy, Undercover, Riviera and Life.

The cast also includes:

* Mark Stanley (Honour) as DI Thom Youngblood

Warren Brown (Luther) as Karl Maguire

* Kerry Godliman (After Life) as Sonya Reeves

* Cal MacAninch (Des) as Lee Robins SCO19

* Manjinder Virk (Midsomer Murders) as Samira Desai SO15

* Ralph Ineson (The Capture) as Commander Bregman.

Trigger Point: Reviews, ratings and reaction

Trigger Point has been receiving rave reviews from TV critics, with journalists lauding the show with a host of 4 and 5-star reviews.

Writing for The Daily Mail, Christopher Stevens gave the show a 5-star rating, writing that 'anyone gripped by the first hour couldn't help leap out of their skin at the climax.'

The Telegraph's Anita Singh was one of many TV critics who drew comparisons to Line of Duty, as the two shows share cast and crew - namely LoD creator Jed Mercurio, who's an executive producer on Trigger Point, and whose production company HTM makes it.

She gave the ITV drama a 4-star rating, writing that debut screenwriter Daniel Brierley has done a 'sterling job' with the thrilling script.

Ed Cumming from The Independent praised lead cast member Vicky McClure (Lana), drawing comparisons to her LoD character Kate Fleming: McClure 'keeps being cast in this kind of role because she could do tough-yet-sensitive professional with her eyes closed.'

Trigger Point is 'packed with evisceratingly tense moments', writes Katie Rosseinsky from Evening Standard, while The Guardian's Lucy Mangan calls it a 'slick police thriller', nicknaming it 'Line of Bomb Duty'.

Watch the trailer:

Trigger Point continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV.