Keeping Faith series 3 – who joins Eve Myles for the final cast? Who does Celia Imrie play?

Eve Myles’ lawyer Faith Howells is back for one final chapter of the Welsh legal drama, but who are the cast and characters, old and new, helping her to tell it?

By Katie Archer Published: 25 March 2021 - 11.28am
BBC Eve Myles in Keeping Faith

All good things must come to an end, and sadly we’re about to bid 'hwyl fawr' to Welsh legal drama Keeping Faith.

The series, filmed in both Welsh and English, has been a huge hit for BBC One, but is about to begin its final tale with Faith’s toughest case yet.

As Eve Myles takes up her role as Faith Howells one last time, find out who else will be joining her in the series three cast.

Faith Howells – Played by Eve Myles

Eve Myles in Keeping Faith BBC

This will be Eve Myles’ final run as lawyer Faith Howells, and she said that while it might be the last series, the storyline still promises to be as explosive as ever.

She said: “You can expect the unexpected and even more secrets revealed. There’s a new character who shakes Faith's world just as she’s about to get back onto her feet.

“New and old characters fight for their family and justice, and Faith's past comes back to haunt her.”

This time, Faith will visit the Royal Court of Justice in London for the toughest case of her career, arguing for the rights of 14-year-old Osian to choose his own care.

He has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and with his father and consultant disagreeing on whether surgery should go ahead, it’s a tense and emotional time.

Eve said: “This is the type of case that would either make or break Faith... I think it does both.”

Celia Imrie and Eve Myles in Keeping Faith BBC

While Eve will miss playing Faith, she has some incredible memories of making the hit drama – including some very special shoots off the beautiful Welsh coast.

She said: “My favourite memory would always be the day we spent on the water in Laugharne. The tide came in and out so fast, the sunset was magical and everyone kept saying, ‘wow this isn’t work, this is a treat’.”

And of course, she’ll never forget Faith’s array of colourful coats: “My favourite coat is the yellow mac... it's the go-to, always.”

Where have you seen Eve Myles before?

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Rose Fairchild – Played by Celia Imrie

Celia Imrie in Keeping Faith BBC

Making a late entrance to Keeping Faith is acclaimed actor Celia Imrie, who will play the mysterious Rose Fairchild.

Few details are available about Rose ahead of the series launch, so we’ve got our eye on her for a big plot twist.

Celia described her character as “tough, regretful, ruthless… wants to make amends with her past but has left it all too late.”

Eve added: “She comes into town like a powerful, menacing force. She has defined Faith but plays on all her fears.

“A woman with huge guilt, a heavyweight in manipulation with many dangerous contacts, a woman with nothing to lose.”

Where have you seen Celia Imrie before?

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Steve Baldini – Played by Mark Lewis Jones

Mark Lewis Jones in Keeping Faith BBC

Faith’s other love interest, Steve Baldini, has been keeping his distance from her for the last 18 months by spending time at his place in the forest.

Mark Lewis Jones, who plays Steve, described his character as “a good man in a bad world”.

Explaining what series three holds for Steve, Mark said: “Steve has gone into his man-cave, almost literally. He’s had to hunker down, trying to find a little bit of safety in a place of solitude. He’s removed himself, separated himself through a need to take care of himself.

“And as things develop in this series, the magnetic pulse between him and Faith can’t be broken. They are drawn to each other’s orbits. And as the past comes up between them, it starts to play a part in Steve’s future.

“From the very first moment - when Faith represented Steve in court for the first time in the first series - Steve falls in love with her. And their journey has been a wonderful one. And a painful one.”

Where have you seen Mark Lewis Jones before?

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Mike Taylor – Played by Matthew Aubrey

Matthew Aubrey in Keeping Faith BBC

Faith’s final case is set to get viewers’ tears flowing as she delves into the issues surrounding a teenage boy’s fight against an aggressive brain tumour.

Osian’s father Mike is living a nightmare as he battles his son’s consultant through the courts, and Matthew Aubrey who plays him explained more about his character’s struggles.

He said: “Mike is a young father who has recently lost his wife to cancer. We find him at a point in his life where Osian, his son, is also in hospital and being treated for cancer.

“We find him in crisis - a part of which is a crisis of his masculinity. What does it mean to be a Welsh man who wasn’t able to save his wife and now might not be able to do the same for his young son?

“He’s frightened and beyond exhausted. He wants desperately to fight for Osian’s life and to do the right thing, but doesn’t even know what the right thing is anymore.”

Where have you seen Matthew Aubrey before?

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Lisa Connors – Played by Catherine Ayers

Catherine Ayers in Keeping Faith BBC

Viewers will be pleased to see Catherine Ayers returning as Faith’s best friend Lisa Connors, although she has her fair share of issues this series.

Her drinking is spiralling out of control, although she is managing to run a successful dinner dating club at the same time.

Catherine said: “We see another side to Lisa in this final series. We see what lies behind the smile, the jokes and the wine. And it’s darker than you would think.

“It was so nice to delve a bit deeper into Lisa’s life and character. She’s been, and continues to be, such a good friend to Faith, but even the best of friends and the seemingly strong people need help sometimes too.”

Looking back on her favourite memories of the show, Catherine added: “Lisa and Faith’s friendship will always be central to my experience on the show, and with that came a lot of laughs, on and off set. We laughed to the point of needing to run to the toilet and we have forged a gorgeous friendship off screen too.

“What a blessing getting this part was, in so many ways.”

Where have you seen Catherine Ayers before?

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Evan Howells – Played by Bradley Freegard

Bradley Freegard in Keeping Faith BBC

In series one, Faith’s husband Evan was a key character as she discovered the shocking secret of his double life.

Last series was full of tension for the pair as they tried and failed to work things out, eventually agreeing to go their separate ways.

In series three, we’ll see Faith and Evan finalising the arrangements for an amicable divorce after two years of separation, although there’s still a sense of uncertainty about the future for both of them.

Looking back on her favourite scene from Keeping Faith, Eve said that it was a particularly heartbreaking one between herself and Bradley Freegard.

She said: “It was the scene where Faith tells Evan what she knows and tells him to leave at the end of series two.

“Such a complex, intimate scene that felt almost like a piece of theatre. I really enjoyed having that time and moment with Brad on screen. It was long and tiring to shoot, but the end result is very authentic.

“Sometimes TV is so fast that scenes are neglected and rushed due to time etc, but this felt like we shot a scene for a film.”

Where have you seen Bradley Freegard before?

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Other Key Cast

The strong cast includes a number of other familiar faces making their return one last time, including Hannah Daniel as Cerys, Suzanne Packer as Delyth, Aneirin Hughes as Tom Howells, and Rhian Morgan as Marion Howells.

A new case for Faith brings with it some new characters, and central to the story is Keogh Kiernan who plays teen cancer sufferer Osian.

Keeping Faith returns to BBC One at 9pm on Saturday March 27

Series 1 and 2 of Keeping Faith can be viewed on BBC iPlayer

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