Ozark: If you like the Netflix drugs drama, you’ll love... Bloodline, Queen of the South and Ganglands

Like Ozark? Well, with it coming to an end soon we think you'll love these similar crime dramas and thrillers on Netflix too.

By James Descombes Published: 23 January 2022 - 6.08pm
Netflix Ganglands, Ozark, Bloodline

The final season of Netflix’s smash-hit crime drama Ozark is nearly here (21 January).

While we’ve still got Ozark Season 4 Part 2 to look forward to, you might want to start thinking about which other similar shows are worth getting stuck in to once you say goodbye to Marty, Ruth and the rest of the gang. 

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Here are our top TV recommendations if you can't get enough of Ozark - and the best bit? They're all available on Netflix to binge-watch now.

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Originally aired: 2015

Number of series: 3

The return of a long-lost brother, a marina setting, family feuds, dark secrets, drug smuggling… sound familiar?

If you want a show to binge on from start to finish, there are three thrilling seasons of Bloodline to dive into on Netflix. The show ran from 2015 to 2017, with the first season following the Rayburn family and their seaside hotel, Rayburn House.

When Danny Rayburn – the black sheep of the family – returns to their Florida Keys community, it prompts sibling rivalry and reveals dark family secrets. Then when drug trafficker Wayne Lowry arrives on the scene, family ties are pushed to their limits.

Bloodline stars Kyle Chandler (The Wolf of Wall Street), Ben Mendelsohn (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Sissy Spacek (Carrie) and Chloe Sevigny (Dogville). As with Ozark, the show blends a tense story about family relationships with drugs trafficking and attempting to avoid the long arm of the law. It’s a ferocious ride, with plenty of high-octane twists and turns along the way. 

Queen of the South

Originally aired: 2016

Number of series: 5

Queen of the South is a thrilling drug drama that features the kind of high-stakes cat and mouse chase with the cartels that we see Marty and Wendy Byrde involved in throughout Ozark.

There are five seasons to lose yourself in, totalling 62 episodes – which should keep you entertained for a good while. The show premiered in 2016 and concluded in 2021.

Based on the best-selling book La Reina del Sue, Queen of the South follows the story of Teresa Mendoza, played by Alice Braga (Elysium), as she journeys from a poor Mexican woman living in drug hotspot Sinaloa to escaping to America and running a drugs empire. 

Bad Blood

Originally aired: 2017

Number of series: 2

It isn’t just Bad Blood’s magnificent waterfront scenery that draws comparisons to Ozark, the shows share similar themes of family, power, betrayal and revenge too.

If you’re after an action-packed crime drama that doesn’t require real dedication and lots of spare time to complete, Bad Blood is worth checking out. It’s two seasons long (14 episodes), with season one based on the real-life events of the Rizzuto crime family, a Montreal-based crime organisation.

The story focuses on crime boss Vito Rizzuto (Anthony LaPaglia) and his aim to bring peace between the various factions of the city’s criminal world. However, when he’s arrested for past murders, he puts his right-hand man Declan Gardiner (Kim Coates) in charge. But under his stewardship the empire starts to crumble and it’s up to Vito to seek revenge upon his release.  


Originally aired: 2021

Number of series: 1 (season 2 is coming soon)

At the core of Ganglands is the mission to protect family from a powerful drug lord. It’s the same premise that permeates throughout much of Ozark’s narrative.

This French crime drama has one season available to watch on Netflix, but season 2 is in the pipeline.

Mehdi (Sami Bouajila) is an expert robber in Brussels’ criminal underworld, who alongside Liana (Tracy Gotoas), an apprentice thief, gets involved in a turf war between rival crime families. The two must work together to save their loved ones and take down their enemies. 



Originally aired: 2015

Number of series: 1

In Ozark, it’s Marty’s ability to launder money that makes him valuable to the cartel. In Spotless, it’s Jean Bastiere’s (Marc-Andre Grondin) crime scene cleaning business that proves useful to a powerful mob boss, after his irresponsible brother brings that dangerous world right to his doorstep.

The show’s set in London and mixes dark humour with crime drama. There’s only one series of the show, made up of 10 episodes, and we’re unlikely to get our hands on any more, seeing as the series first aired in 2015. But, if you like family fuelled crime escapades that are set a little closer to home, give it a go. 

Breaking Bad


Originally aired: 2008

Number of series: 5

Perhaps the biggest and best-known drug drama of them all is Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen it, get on Netflix and binge your way through it asap. It’s a classic.

For five series, high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Brian Cranston) turns his hand at manufacturing crystal meth alongside his ex-pupil turned small-time drug dealer Jess Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in an attempt to secure his family’s future after being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

This opens up a dangerous and unfamiliar world involving drug cartels and the DEA, as well as leaving the duo to negotiate tricky relationships with friends, family and lovers – mirroring many of the same themes and challenges seen in Ozark. 

Narcos / Narcos: Mexico

2020 Netflix, Inc.

Originally aired: 2015

Number of series: 6

While Ozark and the drug cartels that rule that world are all fictional, the characters and storylines in Narcos and Narcos: Mexico are rooted in real life. 

And just like Ozark, the tension and drama is ramped right up, as DEA agents try to bring down cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug trade during the first two series of Narcos, before moving onto the Mexican drug trade and the main men behind that, including co-founder of the Guadalajara Cartel Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and notorious drug trafficker Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

Narcos: Mexico came to a conclusion in 2021 and every series is available to binge on Netflix.