We Hunt Together: Luther meets Killing Eve in this intoxicating dark thriller

Starring Eve Myles, Babou Ceesay, Hermoine Corfield and Dipo Ola, Alibi channel’s new cat-and-mouse psychological thriller is deliciously dark viewing.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 27 May 2020 - 12.02pm
UKTV The lead cast of Alibi's We Hunt Together

If you’re looking for an intoxicating new drama series to offer you some escapism from everything happening in the real world right now, Alibi channel’s new series We Hunt Together should be right up your street.

In the mould of hit series such as Luther and Killing Eve, the crime drama written by Gaby Hull (Cheat), is unflinching, not for the faint-hearted, but it also retains a darkly comic edge.

Eve Myles and Babou Ceesay play the two very different detectives. The buttoned-up, private and introverted DS Lola Franks is dealing with some personal demons and that makes her immediately clash with the incessantly cheery and philosophical DI Jackson Mendy.


They come together on a case that links them to the disturbingly dark duo of Freddy (Hermoine Corfield) and Baba (Dipo Ola), who have their own twisted take on the odd couple relationship, pushing each other into darker and darker waters.

Here is everything you need to know about this gripping show…

What is We Hunt Together about?


At its heart, We Hunt Together is the story of two very different and conflicted coppers being brought together in a game of cat-and-mouse with a pair of deadly killers.

Exploring the dark side of sexual attraction, emotional manipulation and tackling big questions about the nature and origins of criminality, the series is a highly stylised thriller that offers a feast for your senses.

Star Eve Myles said: “We Hunt Together is unique, daring and disruptive. I would describe the series as a thriller, a love story, darkly comic, and horror, as there’s some grotesque moments in it.

“When you’ve got something very dark and grotesque and you may turn away, we’ll bring you back with something quite light-hearted and funny and we’ll entice you back in.

“It does deal with the story of two couples who live their lives very differently, and yet have so many similarities. It’s slightly uncanny really.”

When is We Hunt Together on?


We Hunt Together premieres on Wednesday, April 27 at 10pm on Alibi, BT TV channel 311.

Episode two airs Thursday at 10pm.

The series continues with new episodes weekly on Wednesday and Thursday.

How many episodes of We Hunt Together are there?

There are six episodes of We Hunt Together on Alibi.

Catch up on the series on BT TV with the BT Player and BT TV App.

Who are the We Hunt Together cast?


Eve Myles plays DS Lola Franks

“Lola Franks has been working in London for many years as a Detective Sergeant (DS). When you meet Lola, you feel straight away that there’s something wrong, there’s something critical that’s happened,” said Myles. T

“Three years previously something did happen, where she was involved in a situation that stopped her life and she has lived in pure guilt and hatred for herself ever since. So, she’s locked in this awful self-hatred bubble that she’s happy to be in because she believes that she doesn’t deserve anything better from here on in, that she should be punished. Then she meets Jackson Mendy, her new partner, who comes in and shakes things up.”


Babou Ceesay plays DI Jackson Mendy

Talking about his character, Ceesay said: “It’s made clear at the start of the series that Jackson has just moved over from internal affairs and is now part of the homicide team. I think the thing that’s distinctive about Jackson is that he looks at the bright side of life.

“I suppose he’s someone who is a bit of an idealist. His father told him at a young age that you can judge a society by the behaviour of police officers. He took that really to heart and joined the police force, despite having many options. He went in as someone who investigates crimes committed by other police officers and he’s got to a point in his life and his career where he wants a new challenge.

“He’s bringing his specific brand of policing, which is to trust people and not assume anyone is guilty. In fact, he would go so far as to say that guilt doesn’t really exist because we’re not responsible for our behaviour.”


Hermione Corfield plays Freddy

“I don’t think anyone really knows who Freddy is,” said Corfield.

“I think she has a solid idea of what she is and what she believes in. She’s described as a free spirit, but I think it’s more than that. I think she has a set of ideals that are completely alien to most people, but she strongly believes them, and she has a way of going about her life where she doesn’t rely on anyone else. Although Baba does become the partner in crime for her, she’s incredibly independent, different, funny and unafraid a lot of the time. She’s a chameleon, so every person she meets she almost becomes a different version of herself. That works for her in some ways because she’s a hustler and she goes about her life getting what she wants."


Dipo Ola plays Baba

“Baba is a person who grew up in the Congo”, explains Ola. “He was unfortunate enough to be involved in the child soldier industry, as I like to call it, which ended up scarring him for a large portion of his life.

“He then sought refuge, moved to the UK and spent five years living under the radar. When we meet him, he’s just trying to live a normal life or as normal as he can. I think he’s a person who doesn’t necessarily know he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as I don’t think it’s an option or that the language is available in Congo. He knows these are terrible things but maybe he doesn’t attribute those necessary terms to them, so I think he’s a person coming off the back of dealing with lots of trauma and it’s at that moment that he meets Freddy.”

Who are the guest cast?


There will be plenty of moments during We Hunt Together that you’ll point at the screen and shout, ‘where have I seen them before?’ because the guest cast is superb.

Across the series there will be appearances from Nigel Harman (EastEnders, Mount Pleasant), Kris Marshall (Death in Paradise, Sanditon), Steffan Rhodri (Gavin & Stacey, Keeping Faith), Vicki Pepperdine (Getting On, The Trouble with Maggie Cole), Neil Stuke (Silent Witness, Doctor Foster) and Perry Fitzpatrick (I Am Nicola, This is England ’90).

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