Westworld season 4: Who are the new 2022 cast? How to watch the new series in the UK and catch up on the mind-bending drama

The twist-filled, puzzle-box Westworld is back with more robotic thrills, shivery chills, and some new cast members in season 4.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 28 June 2022 - 12.05pm
Evan Rachel Wood in season 4 of Westworld

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The trailer for season 4 of Westworld was a timely reminder of the stunning HBO series' incredible scale and style.

Very few shows pose as many head-scratching philosophical questions, touching as it does on the human race and the rise of AI, consciousness, suffering, what it means to be human, free will and so much more. And there isn’t any show on TV which equals its ambition, futuristic gloss or jaw-dropping special effects.

It really is the perfect super-sized sci fi drama for the summer months on Sky Atlantic with NOW, and its return is not before time.

Fans have been waiting for two years for some answers about what happened at the end of season 3.

Where are Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) after they defeated Serac (Vincent Cassel)?

Has Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) really been killed off after her efforts to give back mankind its chaos and freedoms?

And what is Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hales (the Dolores version) planning to do next with her Host version The Man In Black (Ed Harris)?

When is Westworld season 4 released in the UK

Watch Westworld season 4 weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from Monday, 27 June.

Catch up on season 1-3 now on Sky Atlantic with NOW.

Westworld season 4 cast

  • Evan Rachel Wood - Plays Christina
  • Thandiwe Newton - Plays Maeve Millay
  • Jeffrey Wright - Plays Bernard Lowe
  • Tessa Thompson - Plays Charlotte Hale
  • Aaron Paul - Plays Caleb Nichols
  • James Marsden - Plays TBC
  • Luke Hemsworth - Plays Ashley Stubbs
  • Angela Sarafyan - Plays Clementine Pennyfeather
  • Ed Harris as William - Plays The Man in Black
  • Ariana DeBose
  • Aurora Perrineau
  • Daniel Wu

All the main cast are back for season 4, but perhaps not quite as you remembered them.

Evan Rachel Wood’s original Dolores was killed off in season 3, but she will return as a new character named ‘Christina’.

Talking about her new character for season 4, Wood told Entertainment Weekly: “She's much more human this season, so it was fun for me.

“I think most people come onto the show and are thinking, 'Oh I wish I was a host', and I think the treat for me was actually getting to be vulnerable and somewhat human in season 4.”

“Usually the show is incredibly physically exhausting in every way, and this season I felt like [Christina's] a little more of a nerd, honestly.

“She's a loner nerdy kind of writer that's just trying to make it in the big city. She longs for beauty and romance and poetry in this mundane world that she lives in.”

James Marsden, who played Tedd Flood in season 1-2, is also returning to the Westworld universe in an unconfirmed role. Teddy was last seen in the season, when he took his own life after losing faith in the love of his life Dolores.

Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Thandiwe Newton, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul and Ed Harris will all return for season 4.

Ariana DeBose (West Side Story), Aurora Perrineau (Prodigal Son), Daniel Wu (Into The Badlands) are three confirmed newcomers to the show.

Westworld: What on earth is going on? What happened at the end of season 3?

The breaks between seasons, all the head-spinning twists and the fact nobody is ever really dead for long, makes Westworld one of the hardest shows to keep a handle on.

Any ‘previously on...’ recap to explain the first three seasons would probably require its own hour-long episode to cover the wild journey we’ve been on from the wild west futuristic theme park in season one to the battle for humanity and data-stealing Rehoboam project in season 3.

If you haven’t got time to rewatch the show from the beginning, all you really need to remember is how season 3 came to a dramatic conclusion.

The original Dolores decided to set humanity free from the data-hoarding Rehoboam, which was controlling and directing people to pre-prescribed lives.

We were shown that Dolores had been inspired by brief moments of positivity and good souls such as Caleb (Aaron Paul) during her time as a plaything for Westworld guests and in the end she sacrificed herself. But her downfall allowed Caleb and Maeve to take down Serac and his data-harvesting Rehoboam project.

Caleb and Maeve were last spotted standing over a raging, burning LA as humans returned to free-will and chaos (“Free will does exist. It’s just f***ing hard”).

Bernard, the version brought by Dolores at the end season 2, and Stubbs (last seen boozing in a bathtub), both made it through season 3.

Bernard finally understood why Dolores had brought him back as he realised that he had the key to all the Delos data. We last saw him tapping into that solution and coming back online in the post-credit sequence covered in dust – how long had he been searching for the answer and what has he seen?

And finally, the very final twist at the end of season 3 was establishing the new version of Charlotte Hales (who was built from Dolores, but has diverted from her creator and become a hybrid character – Halores?) as she recovered from losing her partner and child in traumatic circumstances.

In the post-credit sequence, William aka The Man In Black (TMIB) found Hale in Delos, but got more than he bargained for as she revealed a host version of TMIB.

William was killed by his own host and it looks like Hales and her updated TMIB are preparing to take over in season 4, as we saw a facility stuffed with host-making machines.

Westworld season 4 reviewed and rated

Overall, reviews have been positive for the show’s fourth season with many critics declaring the latest episodes a return to form.

Empire concluded that it was “beautiful, baffling, and bonkers”.

They concluded that it was “a welcome resurgence for Joy and Nolan’s box of violent delights, and one that firmly dispels any hint that Westworld might have gone south.”

Den of Geek gave the premiere episode four stars and concluded: “Westworld will continue to ask big questions and demand big answers, both from its characters and from its audience.”

Paste magazine was positive about the first batch of episodes in season 4, commenting: “Say what you will about Westworld, the show is unafraid to take risks and swing for the fences, and the rare moments it fully succeeds are more than enough to get me to plug back in.”

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair heaped praise on the show’s jaw-dropping production and casting.

They said: “Complementing the show’s technical merits is the cast, all working in peak snarling, purring, quipping form (Newton being the most valuable player, as usual). It’s good to see them all again.”

How many Westworld season 4 episodes are there?

There are eight episodes in Westworld season 4, titled as follows:

  • Episode 1: The Auguries
  • Episode 2: Well Enough Alone
  • Episode 3: Annees Folles
  • Episode 4: Generation Loss
  • Episode 5: Zhuangzi
  • Episode 6: Fidelity 
  • Episode 7: Metanoia 
  • Episode 8: Que Sera, Sera

Westworld season 4 music – who is on the soundtrack?

One of the show’s most memorable features is the reworking of classic songs into the soundtrack and season 4 is already delivering some fantastic needle drops.

The trailer for season 4 opted for the Lou Reed classic Perfect Day.

And in episode one, The Auguries, the closing emotional moments of the episode – and the reveal of ‘that’ character – is soundtracked by an instrumental reworking of Lana Del Ray’s Video Games.

Where to watch Westworld in the UK

Westworld premieres in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

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