Where is EastEnders filmed? Is Walford a real place? Where is it on the London Tube map?

Your guide to where the BBC One soap is filmed and whether you can visit the set.

By BT.com Published: 7 February 2018 - 10.42am
EastEnders opening credits

EastEnders is set in Walford. This is a fictional borough of east London that includes a fictional tube station – Walford East.

An official EastEnders tube map revealed that Walford East would be where the real-life Bromley-by-Bow underground station is located, on the District and Hammersmith & City Lines.

The Queen Vic in EastEnders

Walford was invented by one of the series' original creators, Tony Holland, who blended the name of his home town of Walthamstow with that of fellow East London district Stratford. It is also the name of a street in the East London district of Dalston, where Holland lived as an adult.

The fictional borough even has its own postcode, E20. This was devised for the programme's launch in 1985 - at the time East London postcodes only went up to E18, although in 2011 a real E20 was added to the map to cover the expanding area around London's Olympic Park. However there is still no E19 in real life - the programme's producers opted to skip straight to E20 as they felt 'E19' was clumsy.

During 2010’s Children in Need it was claimed that EastEnders’ Walford had become twinned with Coronation Street’s Weatherfield. The resulting one-off special, which saw the soaps' characters visit each others' homes, was dubbed East Street.

Where is Albert Square?

Albert Square is set in the fictional district of Walford in EastEnders. A typical East End square of Victorian town houses, the set’s design is based on the real Fassett Square in Hackney.

It is called Albert Square after Prince Albert and the its pub The Queen Victoria (also referred to on the soap as The Vic and The Queen Vic) is named after Queen Victoria – sticking to the square’s Victorian architectural roots.

Where is EastEnders filmed?

Albert Square in EastEnders

Despite its fictitious East London setting, EastEnders is actually filmed by the BBC at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

The outside set has been built to scale and scenes are typically filmed at least a month in advance. All the interior scenes are filmed inside studios on the same lot.

While there have long been rumours that the set would move elsewhere it has remained at Elstree since the soap began in 1985. However, a £15 million set rebuild is currently taking place that is predicted to be completed by 2020.

How can I visit the EastEnders set?

Sadly the EastEnders set or studio have never been open to the public and there are no known plans to open it up to tours.