7 Questions With…The Royal World: 'Prince Harry was introduced to me as Bob' – Exclusive

The MTV stars on royal connections, meeting the Queen and binge-watching The Crown.

By Sophia Moir Published: 21 December 2018 - 8.54am
The cast of The Royal World

A Baroness, a Lady and two Counts are just some of the cast members who star in

MTV’s right royal reality show, The Royal World.

So what better way to get to know them than by grilling them about all things royal?

We sat down with the cast to talk growing up in royal circles, meeting the Queen and binge-watching The Crown in our exclusive 7 Questions interview.

1. How would you describe the show for those who haven’t seen it?

Jessica - We haven’t seen the finished product, but based on our experience it’s something that’s never been done before. There’s ups and downs… just interesting life situations that I think many can relate to. Someone will be relatable [to the viewers].

Niyi - There will be a person that everyone can relate to. It’s full of ups and downs… I guess it’s dramatic as well. Also it’s exciting because obviously it’s a new concept and we see a nice little bit of camaraderie between us and it’s actually great, considering we just met.

Daniel - An insight into young people’s lives… and how we live.

Misha - Fun! We all tried it and we all enjoyed it. We all stayed until the end.

Camilla - Zara and I were like “we’re here now, we may as well enjoy the rest of it”.

Misha - We’re a really good group together, we make good friends out of it. That’s why it was so solid.

2. Which royals do you look up to?

Jessica - I look up to Kate Middleton… I shouldn’t call her that now but I always do. I admire her for stepping into the shoes that she is in, into a completely different lifestyle and responsibilities, and I think that she’s handled everything so well and graciously. She is a mother-of-three and I really admire her for everything she’s done, not only in the [royal] family but everything in her duties.

Niyi - It’s quite an obvious one but I’d actually say the Queen. I used to think it was Harry, but having thought about it I’d say the Queen. Just the fact that she’s been going on for so long and she’s still so strong and healthy, and so admired by so many people, and so loved, I’d say the Queen is probably my number-one royal. I’ve watched The Crown (below) back-to-back!

Daniel - For me I’d probably say the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex (Princes William and Harry). I can understand the pressure of going to a boarding school and the process and the lives that they’ve led and the responsibilities that they’ve had, as well as a normal upbringing, is incredible and I think they’ve handled it really well. [He adds that he went to St. Andrews - the same university as Kate and William].

Misha - I look up to Prince Harry, because he was always in a bubble and he let himself out, I respect that. Then he was showing that he was a party animal, and he wasn’t hiding that, and I respect that because everybody should be young and be able to have fun, instead of being behind doors and hiding because everyone’s outside waiting for him with a camera. It’s ridiculous, so good on him.

Dima - I’d say the Queen for obvious reasons and then Prince Charles for all the work that he’s done for our country, he’s gonna be most likely our next King. We need to show a little bit more interest to what he’s done and achieved, and what he’s going to be bringing to the table in the upcoming years.

Camilla - I think they’re all amazing, like the whole [royal] family is great, the history kind of makes England so special.

Zara - They make us proud to be British! That’s why this show is going to do so well because everyone wants to be royal.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

3. Who’s the most royal person you’ve ever met?

Jessica - Prince Harry. I met him on a night out once and it was very embarrassing for me because he was introduced to me by a different name, so when I sat there, I obviously knew it was Prince Harry so I wasn’t able to engage in any conversation whatsoever because I wasn’t sure whether I was allowed to talk to him as Harry or not. So that opportunity ended very quickly. I think his name was Bob! It was in Loulou’s [in London’s Mayfair].

Niyi - I’ve met many Nigerian royals at my dad’s parties, or just when I’m with my dad [a Nigerian Chief], and I’ve met Prince Charles, but it wasn’t close… I was in a line of people. He was meeting everyone in our team and I was just in the line behind.

Daniel - There’s only so much I can disclose. At school often there would be a lot of royals that would come through the school, who we’d shake hands with, say hello to the Queen, or someone similar… there’s a big royal connection with my school [Wellington] and so there were often visits from royalty.

Misha - The Queen, Harry, William and Charles… I’d say those. When we were young. Mum [Lady Colin Campbell] wrote a book about Diana. But we were very young, so we can’t really remember. I remember meeting Harry at the polo. We’ve met some Russian royals too.

Dima - We met them at polo matches. The Queen has already come to our residence to see our mum. We’ve also met the Swedish royal family, I was sat next to the Princess at an awards ceremony.

Zara - The Queen but when I was younger going to Ascot and stuff. Also when I was really young and she came to Ascot, we would all wave and make flags.

Camilla - I haven’t met any but I’ve seen them from afar and I’ve been like ‘wow!’

Archie - As a magician I’ve performed for the royal family many times.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how royal would you rate yourself?

Daniel - I would say like a 2 or a 3.

Niyi - I was gonna say 4!

Jessica - I would say it depends on the moment of the day. We can all be a 10 can’t we? I’m only joking, only the Queen [pictured below] can [be a 10]. It depends on the situation because we are zero sometimes, when we’re eating pizza watching movies.

Queen Elizabeth II

Dima - I’d say 2 or 3, but then 10 on the aristocratic side of things.

Zara - I’d say zero!

Camilla - I’d say like a 2 or a 3.

Misha - I’d say pretty low as well. 3 or 4.

Archie - I’d say Lady Camilla Beresford is the most royal. She’s the daughter of a Marquess, you don’t get posher than that. The way it works in the British titles is that you have Dukes, then Marquess, then Earls, [then Viscounts], then Barons, so her father is very high up in that ranking of posh people. She is a Lady in her own right. Then Tyler [Dooley] you can’t sniff at, [the nephew of Meghan Markle] who’s married to the sixth in line to the throne [Prince Harry]. That’s a big one as well.

5. Is there a particular scene that was fun to film?

Jessica - Probably the finale was the funnest time personally for me. You’ll see. You’ll have to watch to see why. You’ll have to watch the whole series to understand so make sure you tune into everything.

Niyi - I think maybe my entrance [laughs]. I think that’s all I can say… yeah my entrance!

Daniel - The boys went for some drinks one night which was quite an enjoyable evening.

Misha - The nightclub! I loved the nightclub. It’s probably around midway through the series. Actually when you think about it it’s probably near the end, because the first Friday we went to the pub. The pub as well! Lads’ night was the best night for me man. I loved that night. I was so drunk!

Dima - I loved the end, the last night. It was just such a beautiful family atmosphere. I think the fencing I really did love as well, because my brother and I had a nice little duel.

Misha - They were like ‘don’t do it like this’ and I was like ‘I’m going to hit him anyway!’

Camilla - The last night was fun. There’s lots of things. I think for me it was when I showed my [fashion] collection. I loved that!

Misha - The beginning of it… the red room!

6. What other reality shows would you be up for?

Jessica - I’m quite a loyal person, so The Royal World would be my first choice. I’d do Strictly for sure.

Niyi - I did do ballroom dancing at school! I didn’t win though, I lost in two finals. Strictly maybe, but I couldn’t eat kangaroo balls [on I’m A Celeb].

Misha - Yeah I would do I’m A Celeb! Yeah definitely.

Dima - Follow the legacy! Maybe… [the pair's mother appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! In 2015, below].

Misha - Dima would love Love Island I bet! [all laugh]

Dima - Love Island would love me!

Zara - I think the jungle. I’d probably give myself a heart attack but I think it would be fun. I would love to dress up for Strictly but I don’t think I’d dance that well.

Misha - Weekenders look fun as well [like Ibiza Weekender]. I saw a few episodes. You have to be a rep and look after people. It looked fun.

7. Would you be up for a second series of The Royal World?

Misha - I’d totally be up for it!

Dima - If it was with these guys, absolutely.

Zara - Yeah I would!

Camilla - If Zara was there I’d do it!

Misha - I can’t say anything bad about it as we had an amazing summer, we were really lucky, it was amazing weather… but series two, south of France [pictured below]! It’s beautiful, you have the sea, you have the mountains. Or Ibiza!

Archie - As host? I’d be thrilled to do a second series! I hugely enjoyed the experience. It’s fabulous for me as a presenter to work on such a big show, I’ve done bits and pieces before but nothing of this calibre. It was amazing to see how reality TV is put together and it was a huge learning experience for me. It would be good if series 2 was filmed in Fulham then I could walk home! I think we could put the royals somewhere hilarious. I’d like to put the royals maybe somewhere like Magaluf, wouldn’t that be funny? Or the south of France!