BT TV customers with Amazon Alexa devices, including the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers, can now use voice control to find programmes to watch.

The Alexa voice control and your BT TV box can be paired up, allowing you to search for your favourite show with a simple voice request.

Here is everything you need to know about Alexa and BT TV...

What can you do with Alexa on BT TV?

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel season 3

Whether you want to check out the new season of Homecoming on Amazon Prime Video, enjoy Dispatches From Elsewhere with AMC or binge-watch the latest episodes of Coronation Street, you can now find what you’re looking for without having to hunt for your remote control.

By pairing your Alexa device with your BT TV box, you can search across all your channels, players and apps – including iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Once you’re all set up, a voice command such as ‘Alexa, search for Coronation Street’ will find you all the results for Corrie on your BT TV box.

This is a massive time-saver as you no longer have to type in long show titles to find them or go hunting for the remote control down the back of the sofa. Just use the power of your voice.

How to set up Alexa voice search on BT TV?

BT TV box set up

If you have BT TV and an Amazon Alexa-enabled device – such as the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot – you have everything you need to get started.

Step one: Find your pairing code.

BT TV pairing code for Alexa

Get the pairing code to connect your BT TV box to your Alexa device by turning on your BT TV and pressing the blue button and choosing ‘Settings’.

Within settings, select Connected Devices and then choose Voice control.

Step two: Use BT TV Alexa Skill

BT TV pairing with Alexa guide

Go to the Amazon Alexa store – and find the BT TV Alexa Skill.

You can do this through any device with a web browser and internet connection – so just grab your smartphone or laptop.

Step Three: Pair

BT TV pairing with Alexa guide

Select ‘Enable’ and it will ask you to enter the pairing code from your YouView box. Then press ‘Pair’.

The BT TV Alexa Skill page will let you know if the pairing has been successful.

Has it worked? Got any problems?

You can see automatically that the pairing has worked because the Alexa device that has been paired will show in your settings.

If you're having trouble getting it to work, there are two possible explanations:

1. The pairing code has expired. You only get three minutes to enter the code, but you can start the process again to get a refreshed code.

2. You're not connected to the internet. Make sure your BT TV box and Alexa device and connected to the internet. The pairing will only work when both devices are connected.

What to watch?

Now the only tricky job is deciding what to watch from all the entertainment available on BT TV.

Keep our monthly guides to the best of NOW TVNetflix and Amazon Prime Video on hand for our tips on the best upcoming shows.

Highlights this summer include Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington's Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime Video, a new series of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and the brand new series Perry Mason and Betty, both of which are available on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV.

We'll also keep you up to date with exclusives, behind-the-scenes features and interviews from the stars of all your favourite shows on

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