After departing the BBC and Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have made Prime Video their homes.

For three seasons of The Grand Tour, loads of international specials and their own weird and wacky solo series - Clarkson farming! James cooking! - the trio have become part of the furniture.

Here are all the Clarkson, Hammond and May TV shows you can stream now on Prime Video…

The Grand Tour season 1-3

After 12 years together on Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond and May were snapped up by Amazon and together with exec producer Andrew Neville Wilman came up with The Grand Tour.

Taking the Top Gear format, adding loads more cash and throwing ordinary TV rules out of the window, The Grand Tour is far more than just a show about cars.

A series of globetrotting adventures filled with excitement, friendship and jaw-dropping challenges, the three seasons include trips to Italy, Morocco, Colombia, Mozambique and Namibia.

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The Grand Tour season 4 specials

  1. Seamen (Mekong)
  2. A Massive Hunt (Madagascar)
  3. Lochdown (Scotland)
  4. Carnage A Trois (England and Wales)

Ditching the studio format of Top Gear and the first three seasons of The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond and May now just unite for mega travel specials.

The feature-length episodes have found the trio heading out onto the water in the Mekong, stuck in Scotland during lockdown and trekking across insane Madagascan roads in modified cars.

With less attention given to reviewing vehicles and no celebrity guests, the specials are focussed on the strained and frequently silly relationship between the presenters.

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Clarkson's Farm

Clarkson's Farm was the surprise TV hit of 2021, turning motoring journalist and the country’s most unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson, into the new face of British agriculture.

Previously known for shouting out of supercars on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Clarkson is now just as likely to get asked about sheep shearing and crop rotation as he is the horsepower of the latest Ferrari.

The series won critical acclaim, earned Clarkson and his agricultural advisor Kaleb Cooper recognition at the British Farming Awards and Prime Video quickly signed up the Diddly Squat team for a season 2, which is coming in 2023.

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Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb interview

James May: Our Man in Japan

James May filming Our Man in Japan Prime Video

Fifteen years after James May first visited Japan as a baffled tourist, he embarks on a quest to understand the unique, extraordinary and complex country. The birthplace of the haiku and classical art forms driven by the principles of Wabi (stark beauty) and Sabi (natural inspiration) and Yugen (grace and subtlety), Japan is also the place that’s given us Godzilla, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, and some of the strangest obsessions on the planet.

James embarks on an epic journey across all of Japan from North to South, determined to understand why this unique land and its people are the way they are, what drives their whole culture and what their approach to life can teach the rest of us.

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James May: Our Man in Italy

James May filming Our Man in Italy Prime Video

From the sun-kissed shores of Sicily to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps, across six stunning episodes James travels across Italy, one of his favourite countries in the world.

It is a place bursting with style, beautiful cars, Nutella, and over two millennia of culture. It’s also a land of contradictions, simultaneously at the cutting edge – of science, of fashion, of engineering – and yet its crumbling infrastructure, endemic corruption, and eye-watering public debt all describe, on paper, a country and society that seems on the cusp of failure.

"It reminds me of a Garibaldi biscuit," says James. “It shouldn’t work and yet somehow it's a triumph."

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James May: Our Man In Italy interview

James May: Oh Cook!

James May presenting Oh Cook! Prime Video

No, it’s not an April Fool. And no, it’s not a prank from Clarkson and Hammond on The Grand Tour.

Following on from his Our Man In Japan travel series, James May has now been given a cookery show by Amazon Prime Video.

This isn’t going to be Michelin star cooking or MasterChef standard fine dining, but it will offer ideas and inspiration for viewers who can’t, won’t or have never cooked before.

“I’m delighted to be back working with Amazon Prime Video but in a way you may not have seen me before,” said May.

“I’ve arrived at the age where I spend most of my day thinking about my next meal, so I made a TV series about it.

“Cooking your own curry is so much more satisfying than ordering a take-away, even though it won’t taste as nice.”

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James May Oh Cook! interview

James May: The Reassembler

Originally a BBC Four documentary series, The Reassembler features James May at his most geeky as he focusses on great pieces of technology of the past and examines the engineering principles behind them as he builds them.

From lawnmowers to Hornby train sets and food mixers, this is manna from heaven for engineers.

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James May’s Toy Stories

Another former BBC series, Toy Stories celebrates some of history’s greatest ever toys and brings them into the modern era for a new generationby constructing complex, large-scale replicas.

James and a team of volunteers pull together some incredible constructions including a life-size Airfix Spitfire, a life-size Plasticine garden, bridges made from Meccano and an actual Lego house.

Watch James May’s Toy Stories season 1 and 2 on Freevee with Prime Video.

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The Great Escapists

Richard Hammond on a desert island for The Great Escapists Prime Video

Hammond teams up with Tory Belleci, star of the addictive American TV series Mythbusters, to take a look at science and engineering in a way that's never been done before.

Marooned on a desert island with only the wreckage of a boat, some Richard Hammond autobiographies and a load of gin to sustain them, the duo take two very different approaches to the situation.

Tory wants to escape and is ready to build any sort of road, sailing or flying vehicle that can help his escape. On the other hand, Richard quickly takes to life in the desert island paradise and puts his brain power towards creating power and devices to make their life just a little bit more comfortable.

Blending proper science, mind-blowing engineering and downright silliness, The Great Escapists is joyous, sun-drenched escapism.

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Richard Hammond’s Workshop

Richard Hammond trades his jet-setting lifestyle for a long-standing dream to set up a classic car restoration workshop close to his home in Herefordshire.

With the help of skilled craftsmen, he navigates the ups and downs of building a new business.

“I’ve spent 25 years critiquing other people’s cars and now I’m putting my own work out there,” said Hammond.

“My grandfather was an automotive craftsman, who knows, maybe I’ve inherited some of his skill. So this is a real business, a real project and I really hope people enjoy watching the highs and inevitable lows throughout the series.”

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