Great news for fans of comedy and ludicrously absurd questions, Hypothetical is back for a third series on Dave.

Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster are back to interrogate their guests with increasingly outlandish hypothetical questions.

Widdicombe poses the questions and Acaster lays down the rules and doles out the points in a game of improvisation and silliness unlike anything else on TV.

We caught up with the presenters to talk about their recent headline-grabbing antics and challenge them with some of our own hypotheticals.

1. James caused a small stir on The Last Leg New Year special. How does it feel to be the man who told Lorraine Kelly to f*** herself on national TV?

*Warning: Explicit content*

James: Yeah, that’s alright. I stand by it. Obviously, nothing but love for Lorraine herself, but it was pretty funny.

Josh: It was a hilarious moment. That was such a fun show, such a fun group of people. I think it’s the most I’ve ever seen someone laugh at being told to f*** themselves in their lives.

James: Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think she’d enjoy it.

Josh: It was a big gamble early in the show if you didn’t think it was going to pay off.

James: I’d got to know her well enough over the course of the evening that I thought she would find it funny.

2. The new series of Hypothetical has lots of jokes about your rocking horse, James. Do you really own one?

James Acaster in a bowler hat UKTV

James: Yeah, I do. It’s right here in the room I’m in now. I can see it. I was sent it in the post by a friend as a joke. It’s in my living room now. Josh got wind of it and it went on to cause me untold problems in the record.

Josh: It’s always the things you don’t expect that become a big part of the show. You’d never think a joke about a rocking horse would end up cropping up again and again in a show.

James: I didn’t expect it to be such a goldmine, but they jumped on it didn’t they.

Josh: Have you ever been on it?

James: It wouldn’t support my weight. It’s a very cheap and flimsy rocking horse.

3. James had a row with Piers Morgan. Hypothetically, Josh, who would be your dream celebrity bust-up?

Josh Widdicombe UKTV

Josh: You’d go big wouldn’t you? The Queen is quite a big deal. It would be quite nice to be called out by the Queen. Actually, I don’t think it would be. It would end up being absolutely awful for that to happen. But I’d do that one for the publicity.

4. Hypothetically, would you jump ship to Channel 4 for loads of money like Taskmaster?

James: In a heartb… sorry, what?

Josh: I mean this, I think Channel 4’s Comedy and Entertainment show line-up is full. I don’t think The Last Leg needs to be making way for anything right now. However, if Netflix has £4 billion…

5.  Hypothetically, you’re told to get a third presenter for series 4. Who do you pick?

James Acaster UKTV

James: That would be fun.

Josh: It would be great to have a real top-level actor.

James: I’d like to get someone like Neil deGrasse Tyson, someone who knows everything about science in the world, who can fact check everything.

When people say, I want to do this, I want to do that, he can just say, ‘No – that wouldn’t work’. Everything would have to be watertight.

We need someone to fill the Vorderman role. Someone who actually knows their stuff.

Josh: So Vorderman. The Vorderman role is called that for a reason.

James: I bet Rachel Riley, on her tax return, just writes under job 'Vorderman'.

6. Hypothetically, would you spend a year living with Piers Morgan if it helped bring an end to Covid?

James: Yes.

Josh: The side effects of living with Piers Morgan are untested at this stage. Once they’ve tested it on enough people, come back to me.

7. You both have hit podcasts. Would you like to turn them into TV shows?

James Acaster in a spacesuit helmet UKTV

Josh: Quickly Kevin is about 90s football. One of the great things about podcasts is that you can do something really niche and find an audience and not worry about whether enough people want to watch it.

Obviously, if BBC One did want to make a Saturday night entertainment show, purely based on 90s football, I’d be annoyed if they didn’t choose ours. But so far that hasn’t been the case. It’s not something they’re chasing to my knowledge.

James: With Off Menu [James's food and comedy podcast with Ed Gamble] we have an idea for a TV show that is similar to the podcast. If it was identical, we might spread the idea a bit thin. But we have an idea for a TV version that would have a twist on it. But it would require travelling around the UK and at the moment that is not an option. So we’ve put that on hold.

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