How to watch Rob & Romesh Vs: Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan are back to take on modern art, golf and drag queens

Rob & Romesh Vs series 3 is on Sky One and the stand-up comedy duo are taking part in their most unusual challenges yet.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 1 February 2021 - 11.16am
Rob and Romesh posing for their new Sky One series

Watch Rob and Romesh Vs series 3 on Sky One with NOW

Beckett, the smiley optimist, Romesh the less smiley cynic, they are unlikely buddies, but on Rob & Romesh Vs their differing styles strike the perfect blend for comedy gold.

The Sky One series pits the duo against each other in a series of unusual challenges and with global travel off the agenda, the duo head around the UK in their most unusual missions yet.

Entering the world of Art, Golf, and Drag, with experts including Olympic golf champion Justin Rose, RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars The Vivenne, Baga Chips, and the iconic Michelle Visage, this series is the perfect pick-me up during lockdown.

How to watch Rob & Romesh Vs

Rob & Romesh Vs series 3 is available to stream and watch on Sky One with NOW.

The new series features three episodes – Art, Golf and Drag.

The series 1 and 2 box set is also available to watch with the NOW Entertainment Membership.

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What challenges are Rob and Romesh taking on in series 3?

Episode 1: Art

For the first show Rob and Romesh are delving into the world of art. Romesh will be taking Rob to his first ever art gallery. Before they head to a top art school to learn different disciplines. The show culminates with each of them having to present an exhibition, in front of a crowd of art fans, at the world-famous Saatchi Gallery.

Episode 2: Golf

For the second show of the series, Rob and Romesh are learning all about golf. It’s Rob’s new hobby and he wants Romesh to become his new golfing buddy. On their journey they play their first ever round at the iconic St Andrews course in Scotland and get a golfing lesson from Olympic Champion Justin Rose before teeing off at the world-famous BMW PGA Championship – live on Sky Sports.

Episode 3: Drag

For the final show of the series, Rob and Romesh will become Drag Queens. They’ll be getting a full makeover from the stars of RuPauls Drag Race – The Vivienne and Baga Chips. They meet icon Michelle Visage, who helps them find their drag personas before they perform their very own drag routines in front of a live audience.

Rob and Romesh on their chemistry

Rob Beckett says the key to the pair's obvious chemistry is that they just get on well together. 

“I think we’re just great mates! You can’t write down why you like something, can you? And when Romesh comes into a room it makes me happy. And when I go into a room that he’s in, it doesn’t make him unhappy,” said Beckett.

Romesh added:I would say this, I do think we complement each other as people. Rob’s attitude towards things is often what I need to counteract how I’m feeling about something and vice versa.

“So sometimes I can be a bit too negative about stuff and Rob gives me a pep talk and I think Rob is positive despite the complete lack of evidence that there’s any reason to be positive at all. I can often provide him with some much-needed realism. It’s stood us in good stead for when we’ve been away on holiday together with our families and stuff like that and it’s always worked as a friendship so hopefully it works as a TV prospect.

“I’ll leave it up to the TV viewers to decide that.”

Beckett joked: “No, it will Romesh, it will be great. And if they don’t like it, they’re wrong. Put that in!”

Watch Rob and Romesh Vs on Sky One with the NOW TV Entertainment Membership.