The trio of national treasures are back, and they're as badly behaved as ever.

In The Grand Tour presents A Scandi Flick, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are attempting an Arctic road trip challenge to get from Norway to the Russian border in their chosen rally vehicles.

Battling against the odds, the conditions and each other, this Scandinavian misadventure throws up some typical hi-jinks from the three petrolheads, but also some unforeseen events that will leave your jaw on the floor.

So to celebrate their return to our screens we bring you a run-down of our favourite seven The Grand Tour special episodes - ranked and rated.

The best bit? They're all available to stream on Prime Video now.

7. Seamen – Series 4

The chaps swap cars for boats in this series 4 special Seamen, where the challenge is to cross the Mekong Delta River without any issues.

Sounds straightforward enough, but straightforward isn’t what these three specialise in.

It's jam-packed with plenty of thrills and spills as they embark on their epic adventure across the gruelling conditions of the enormous river that stretches between various countries on the Asian continent.

Some of the misadventures include a general hatred of boats from Hammond, although his Scarab speed boat resembles a Miami Vice vehicle.

In true Captain Slow style, James May’s chosen river boat is not up to standard for a gruelling challenge like this.

Finally, Clarkson’s US military boat largely came out on top but caused plenty of havoc with its sheer size along the way.

6. A Massive Hunt – Series 4

There’s no shortage of entertainment in this special, titled A Massive Hunt, with plenty of typical Grand Tour antics!

This included blocking roads, disrupting the balance in local neighbourhoods, ruining weddings, destroying football fields and blowing up beaches as the Grand Tour trio search for buried treasure in the exotic islands of Madagascar.

Their chosen vehicles for the challenge were a Bentley Continental V8 for Clarkson, while Hammond picked a Ford Focus RS hot hatch, and as ever May’s need to go against the grain saw him choose a Caterham V10R race car.

All three cars were modified to better handle the voyage, and were given tongue-in-cheek nicknames too.

There were lots of amusing moments throughout the special, mostly at each other’s expense and misfortunes, in the beautifully scenic location of Madagascar.

A Massive Hunt: Secrets from the set of the Grand Tour of Madagascar

5. The Beach Buggy Boys – Series 1

A two-part Grand Tour special that sees Mr Wilman challenge Clarkson, Hammond and May to cross 1,000 miles of Namibia’s skeleton coast in their modified buggies.

Navigating their way through difficult dunes, unforgiving off-road tracks and steep drops. This suspension-smashing escapade offers up outstanding scenic views, fire hazards, helicopter lifts and parachute fails which push the chaps to the edge.

As part of the first series, The Grand Tour is very much in its infancy here but this special brings the presenters back to their best and remind viewers what they love most about these middle-aged fools.

4. Feed the World – Series 2

The Grand Tour trio decide to “feed the world”. In a bid to stop hunger within Africa the guys wanted to transport seafood from the coast over to the poverty-stricken mainland.

They set out with a light-hearted approach to a tough situation and began by sourcing and modifying each of their own vehicles for the challenge.

Clarkson opted for a Nissan truck with plenty of space in the back for the fish and ice to be stored; May went for a 1984 Mercedes wagon which he added a Perspex tank in to fill with sea water so he can transport the fish; as for Hammond, he chose a motorbike and the less said about that, the better.

“Anyone can sing feed the world, but it’s turning out to be quite difficult to do it,” Clarkson admitted.

The special featured plenty of ups and downs (and that’s not just the roads they travel on), constant bickering and engine failures - with the customary humour throughout. But the trip wasn’t as smooth as they initially hoped.

In the end, they made it to the town of Bingo where they came across some very underwhelmed locals who were uninterested in the few diesel-infused and rotten fish they had to offer. The Nobel Peace Prize wasn’t meant to be.

3. International Buffoons’ Vacation - Series 3

Clarkson, Hammond and May embark on a challenge from hell, driving an RV motorhome across the epic landscapes of south-western Nevada in the United States.

In typical fashion, the trio soon break the rules of the task by ditching their bog-standard Winnebago for three of their very own personalised and modified RVs to complete the task on their terms.

May’s RV is essentially a British pub on wheels, Clarkson’s Frankenstein creation is a speed boat/bathroom motorhome, and Hammond breaks the rules even further by choosing a truck for the trip rather than an RV at all (it does include a motocross bike though).

This Mad Max-esque special involves dune racing, a mysterious stalker, speed track drifting, a quick pint in Las Vegas and a true American demolition derby before finishing with a ring of fire.

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2. The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick - Series 5

This trans-Arctic mission has it all: a sub-zero journey including car crashes, Cold War submarines, one-legged skiers, Grand Designs on ice and more.

The challenge for the troublesome trio is to drive across Europe’s last great wilderness from Norway to the Russian border in their chosen rally cars (and Clarkson’s Audi RS4).

Clarkson and Hammond found themselves in a prank war with one another throughout the special which saw car keys frozen in wee, entire cars iced over and vehicles being pushed down a ski run.

Aside from the hijinks between that pair, James May had a near-fatal accident when he sped down a frozen tunnel into a concrete wall, nearly destroying himself and his Mitsubishi Evo in the process.

Hammond summed it up best by saying “He’s stolen my thing!”. With all that said and done, the chaps' rally cars had put up with their nonsense and finally got them to their destination more or less safe and sound.

Secrets from the Set of The Grand Tour Scandi special

1. Survival of the Fattest – Series 3 

We find our beloved trio of idiots abandoned in a Mongolian desert with the challenge of making the long trip across rough terrain and vast rivers in freezing temperatures and wet conditions to the city of Mörön (Mr Wilman clearly knows what he’s doing here).

A helicopter drops three crates to them which have just enough food and water supplies for a week though notably, and to their despair, no alcohol.

There was also a disassembled Land Rover enclosed in the crates which Hammond and May put together and which the guys quickly named John for its reliability and sturdiness.

Eventually, The Grand Tour heroes made their way across the map with endless Genghis Khan quotes from Jeremy, whilst tactically not allowing Hammond to drive and May essentially bunny-hopping John across dunes, mountains and rivers.

Nonetheless with all that in mind the chaps finally made it to their destination – and to further their despair, the local pub was indeed shut on arrival.


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